All a Twitter Block of the Month: Part Five

I can’t begin to tell you how pleased I am with how this experiment/project is turning out. As I have explained previously, my sister, Angie, and I are making the same block of the month project with All A Twitter fabric by Kari Carr for Hoffman California-International Fabrics. She was a beginning quilter and I’m experienced. She lives in Texas and I live in Colorado. When I proposed that we work on a block of the month together and blog about our experience, she agreed and we were off. She is doing great. To see how we’ve tackled quiltmaking together across the miles see Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4 of our journey. This month, she didn’t ask a single question. She just got her package and made the block. She’s done a lot of quilt making in the five months since we started and she is no longer a beginner.

Angie says:

This is such a busy time of the year what with the holidays just days away. For several weeks I have been sewing like a crazy person preparing gifts for my family. Yes, I know I could have been sewing for months, but I find myself getting sidetracked by other projects like a Bonnie Hunter Nine-patch and another BOM that I’m participating in with a friend.

Potholders for Presents

I had just finished these potholders that served two purposes – 1. As gifts for family and 2. To practice the binding lesson that Lori gave me when she was in Houston for The Houston International Quilt Festival. I was about to start on the next stage of Christmas when my Block 5 All A Twitter packet arrived.

It was time to set Christmas aside and make some birdhouses! Houses!! I love houses. I have seen many patterns that have houses either as the star of the show or as part of the quilt liback forare. I was truly excited to make some houses and see what I thought about the prospect of doing more of them.

Cutting the digitally printed fabric into fat quarters always makes my head spin. What will I do with the fabric isn’t used in this block? Will I make a pieced back for my quilt like Lori often does? (You can read a blog about them and there is a video available, too.) Will I use the leftovers for other projects? Or will the leftovers join my stash for awhile until I find a perfect home for them. I so enjoy playing with fabrics – the colors, the patterns, the possibilities. . . Oh so much fun!

This block went together pretty quickly and easily. No flying geese or half square triangles. My biggest challenge was choosing the right birds to go in the hole in the house and as you can tell, my positioning isn’t great. Still, the process went well and I think when all is said and done, the results will be pleasing. I chose to use a different color of thread for the appliqué to create the look of trim around the hole.

Angie’s Fussy-cut Bird

After the birds were in place, it was just a question of putting the block together as shown in the instructions. I decided that I wanted my houses all in a row, so I put my blocks together accordingly. That’s one of the things that I like about quilting and all creative endeavors. I can do what I want so long as it works with the technical aspect of the project. My block is the correct size and shape; it’s just that the components are placed a little differently. As Lori is quick to say, “It’s your quilt”. I look forward to putting all my blocks together for a completed project.

Angie’s Version of Part Five

But now – it’s back to Christmas. I only have a couple of days left before everything has to ship to my family scattered around the country. But first maybe I’ll relax with a snack.

Cookie’s Anyone??

Lori says:

And here is how my sewing day went. I looked at the pictures and didn’t actually READ the instructions. Mistake! It wasn’t until after I’d fused my fussy-cut birds to the birdhouses that I realized I was supposed to do reverse applique so the birds were behind the birdhouse fabric. It’s not a big deal but you can see when you compare Angie’s birds with mine that her birds actually look like they are in the birdhouse. But I can live with my mistake. I didn’t want to have to redo that section of the birdhouse. Here is a video that shows how I was actually supposed to do it.

Lori’s Fussy-cut Bird

Here is my completed birdhouse block.

Lori’s Part Five

And here are my part 4 blocks that I just plain didn’t have time to do last month.

Part Four – Finally

I’m eager to get the rest of my packages so I can get my whole quilt top put together. I think it’s going to be a beautiful quilt! I have the first five parts on the design wall in my office.

So Far – So Pretty

It’s not too late if you want to make your own All A Twitter quilt. It’s still available on our website.

Now I see the work to be done that is on my desk growing into huge heaps so…

Until next time,
Happy quilting,







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