Announcing… The Quilting Company Podcast

Quilting Company podcast

The excitement is brewing! I can’t wait to tell you about our new Quilting Company adventure, The Quilting Company Podcast. (If you’re not exactly sure how to find and listen to our podcast, look for tips at the end of this blog.)

We’ve been diligently working behind the scenes at our offices in Golden, Colorado and Maynard, Massachusetts to put together a quilt podcast series that focuses on conversations among quilters. The idea of our podcast came to us because of many of the conversations we have in the hallways and in our offices, and how often we spin off from meeting agendas to share our experiences and personal quilting stories. These stories often lead to the themes, articles and the quilt projects that we add to pages of The Quilting Company publications and share online in blog posts—and now we’re bringing those stories to you in this special podcast.

The Quilting Company Podcast is about …
The lifestyle
The quilts
A quilters’ passion and inspiration
Conversations that occur between quilters

Our conversations will …
Tell the stories of quilters
Explore the questions that quilters ask
Discuss trending topics and the quilting heritage
Dive into the backstory – look behind the scenes

Season 1 of The Quilting Company Podcast

Our first broadcast will air on February 13th, wherever you get your podcasts! We are pleased to partner with Husqvarna Viking for the first season of The Quilting Company Podcast.

Here’s a list of the topics we are planning for the first season of our quilt podcast:

  • Our Quilting Heritage
  • Follow Your Passion
  • Resolution Refresh
  • Finding Your Creative Mojo
  • Putting on the Show
  • Passing the Legacy

Meet Our Hosts

As pleased as I am about announcing The Quilting Company Podcast, I’m just as pleased, and excited, to introduce the hosts of the program. You know, quilters come from so many backgrounds, with lots of different experiences and skill levels. We are so very fortunate to have a great mix of quilters on our staff. For the podcast, we’ve selected hosts that represent three generations that will bring a patchwork of conversation to our quilt podcast audience: Lori Baker, Tracy Mooney, and Carrie Sisk.

Now, let me share these great co-hosts with you straight away. Here’s Lori, Tracy and Carrie…


I grew up surrounded by quilters; my grandmother, my mother and her three sisters all sewed quilts and garments. I started sewing when I was a small child. Like just about every other young lady in rural Colorado at the time, I participated in 4-H and took home-ec in school.

Lori and her mom sewing

I’m married to my high-school sweetheart. We have five children, ten grandchildren, and two great-grandchildren.

Bake with Lori

The Baker Crew

Through the years, I made clothes for my family (including my daughter’s wedding dress) and many projects to decorate our home. My first quilt was a baby quilt for my nephew in the early 1970s. From my nephew’s quilt until now, I’ve made nearly 300 quilted projects, from placemats, jackets, and vests to bed-size quilts. I’ve tried lots of techniques, fabrics, threads, notions, and tools

Some of Lori’s Pfaff Friends

I traveled the nation for five years as an educator for Pfaff teaching sewing, quilting, and embroidery. In 2012, I began working in the publishing segment of the quilting industry as the editor for Quilters Newsletter. Fast forward to 2019 and I’m still quilting, still working in the publishing segment of the industry and as excited as ever about learning more and sharing what I know with other quilters.

On The Quilting Company Podcast, you’ll learn more about me along with my cohosts. We are looking forward to sharing our sewing styles, our likes and dislikes, and our favorite (and least favorite) techniques. We will have lots of conversations about what we’ve figured out as we’ve gone down our quilting paths and more, exploring lots of topics of interest to the quilting community. I hope you’ll join us.



I’ve been married for 28 years and I am the mother of three. I started quilting in late 1991. I was a young mom, I had an infant and I lived 1 block from the library and 2 blocks from a fabric store–so it was easy for me to save some of my “egg money” and buy a half-yard of fabric here and there. I had my copy of Quilts! Quilts! Quilts! and I was stitching my way through it, one block at a time. I tried all the techniques and I did all my quilting by hand. I still cringe a little when I look at those first blocks I made. I was so proud, I showed them to anyone who would look, but boy they were rudimentary at best!

Tracy with her children – Cydney (Left), Bryce (Top), and Zach (Right)

It wasn’t long before the quilting bug bit me pretty hard. I had my subscription to Quilters Newsletter and Love of Quilting, I watched all the quilting shows on TV, and I grabbed every book from the library I could get my hands on. It was around this time that I started dreaming of how I could make quilting my career. Eventually, I got a job at a quilt shop and boy did I learn a lot! There is nothing like being surrounded by passionate and talented people all day.

My career took a detour when I became the McAfee Chief Cyber Security Mom. I blogged for the company about keeping kids safe on the internet for 5 years and when I was done I realized I could write. When that job ended in 2012, an online friend was starting an independent quilting magazine and she invited me to my first ever Quilt Market to help out in their booth. Within 24 hours, I was hired to write book reviews and design patterns for kids to learn to sew. Jake and Melissa at Generation Q taught me all I know about publishing a magazine. In my six years there, I worked my way up to senior editor and I loved every minute of it! A few years ago I also started teaching kids sewing classes at my local quilt shop—there is something so fun about inspiring kids to sew. I also spent two years testing in-the-hoop embroidery patterns for Pickle Pie Designs—that got my sewing brain working in a completely different way.

Tracy’s daughter Cydney and their dog Maya are modeling a quilt that Tracy and Cydney made together.

Last May, the Quilting Company hired me as an editor. This job meant that I had to move my family to Colorado. I knew it was an opportunity that I could not miss. My husband and daughter moved with me, but my adult sons still live in Illinois. I am loving working here with the team in Golden, and I am excited about The Quilting Company Podcast—because we all can talk for days about quilting!


Apart from anything quilty (I’ll get to that in a minute), I’m a lover of music, art, culture, history, animals, tattoos, kindness, compassion, self-expression, self-acceptance—I could go on and on. My husband, John, and I have been married for eight years and together for 18. We’re best friends who love each other tirelessly, which means we can fight passionately. We’re perfect for each other. We marvel at our children, Charlie (4) and Rowan (2), on a daily basis—they are our masterpieces. Here’s how we got here…

Left to right: Charlie, John, Carrie, and Rowan

John and I moved from Long Beach, CA to Littleton, CO in 2013 just after I graduated from the University of California, Irvine with degrees in Cultural Anthropology and Psychology and Social Behavior. Within two years, we’d bought a house, had Charlie, and started a business. Then, Rowan arrived in 2016, so at the very least, our lives have been insane. And among all that crazy, after landing a job working with the inspirational and innovative quilting titles we all know and love, I learned EVERYTHING I know about quilting.

Yes, everything! It’s true, my introduction to the quilting world began with renowned quilting titans—legends in the industry who represent our brands, distinguished quilters coming to the Golden, CO video studio to share their vast knowledge through courses and workshops, and our exceptionally talented staff incorporating their expertise into every aspect of each publication that ever hit the newsstands. I truly cannot say enough amazing things about the people I’ve met who help lead this community.

My first quilt, “Lots of Love,” made for Charlie
Original quilt pattern: Snowbirds by Wendy Sheppard

My cohosts and I will discuss our quilting backgrounds in more detail in future podcasts but suffice it to say that I am insurmountably lucky; every time I sit down at my sewing machine, I’m armed with practiced and proficient quilting techniques and tips. I feel like I’m Lily Tomlin in All of Me, except this version involves a seasoned quilter stuck in a novice’s body… you get the idea.

I’ve been having a ton of fun living this craft right out of the gate—I’m thrilled to have you along as I continue this exciting adventure!



I just know you all will enjoy listening to these ladies on The Quilting Company Podcast because I’ve had so many wonderful conversations with each of them. I learn from them every day and have so appreciated hearing their personal stories, as they’ve become special quilty friends. I’m confident you’ll agree when you hear them on our quilt podcast.

Tips to Access The Quilting Company Podcast

  • You can access podcasts from these devices: smartphone, tablet, or computer.
  • A special application is needed on your smartphone or tablet to play the podcast, appropriately called a “podcast player“. You can listen to the podcast from any device, including your computer, on The Quilting Company website.
  • To download a podcast player, search for one in your device’s App Store. (Example players: Apple Podcast or Stitcher.)
  • Once the app is installed on your device, open it and use the search function to search for “The Quilting Company Podcast”.
  • Select the option to subscribe to The Quilting Company Podcast. We recommend you do this so that it stays on your homepage. Then, you won’t have to look for it again when we post a new episode.
  • Choose the first episode, press play, take a listen, and enjoy the conversation!!

Remember, the first episode is available on Wednesday, 2/20. If you have any comments or questions, leave them below. We’ll post a response so others can see the answer, too. (Note: there are no dumb questions. If you’re asking, it’s likely someone else probably wants to know, too.)

Please join us for… The Quilting Company Podcast!





Comments (10)

  • Karen A

    Looking forward to hearing more of your interesting quilt talk!

    February 1, 2019 at 8:12 am
  • Cici C

    I, too, am looking forward to more quilt talk. I love the podcast format because I can listen to it in my car as I’m driving. For some reason, I just love listening to experienced quilters talk about their projects (past and present). You give me ideas and a better understanding of what is possible and tricks to make things happen. Aside from using a pattern, this has been the best way for me to learn. Of course, I’ll still need patterns and instructions, but I love hearing your stories. I hope you do more and longer podcasts going forward. Thank you in advance. I realize these podcasts require a time commitment from all of you, but I for one, appreciate the time you put into all of the services you provide to and for us.

    February 2, 2019 at 1:07 pm
  • Nancy S

    Okay, I might be the only one, but how do you access the podcasts? What time are they on Feb. 13th?

    February 3, 2019 at 7:48 pm
    • Carrie Sisk

      Hi Nancy – you aren’t the only one! Podcasts are accessible via podcast players. Podcast players are applications that you download onto your cellphone, tablet, or MP3 player, like iTunes for Apple. Just go to your podcast player and search “The Quilting Company Podcast”—you’ll find the first episode available on Wednesday, 2/20 no later than 8 AM MT. Let us know if you have any other questions! We’re happy to answer. 🙂

      February 3, 2019 at 8:00 pm
  • Linda A

    I’ll be listening to the podcast from my laptop. How do I do that? Sorry, but I’ve never done a podcast.

    February 12, 2019 at 2:16 pm
    • Carrie Sisk

      Hi Linda – Wonderful! We’re looking forward to you joining us. If you’re listening on your computer, you can click here to go to the main podcast page on or after the dates listed below for each episode for season 1. Each episode will have two posts: one post that you can click on to listen to the podcast and another post with the show notes (links to materials, etc., mentioned in the episode). We’ll keep everyone updated on season 2 as we learn more. Thank you for your comment!
      2/20 –> 1st EPISODE
      2/27 –> 2nd EPISODE
      3/13 –> 3rd EPISODE
      3/27 –> 4th EPISODE
      4/10 –> 5th EPISODE
      4/24 –> 6th EPISODE

      February 12, 2019 at 2:22 pm
  • Charisma H

    I Subscribed! Excited to hear from all of you lovely ladies! This will be fun!

    February 14, 2019 at 10:12 pm
    • Carrie Sisk

      Woohoo! Thanks, Charisma! This is going to be a ton of fun. 🙂

      February 15, 2019 at 3:51 pm
  • Marija V

    This is such great news and I am really looking forward to it!! I just recently started listening to quilting podcasts (living under the rock..? LOL) and I just love them – now specially from a great company and group of creatives, like you! Also really loved reading a bit more about all three of you, that is just fun! Thank you and can’t wait for Feb. 20th (which is also my hubby’s birthday 🙂 )

    February 15, 2019 at 2:57 pm
    • Carrie Sisk

      YAY! We’re SO EXCITED about this—it’s so much fun! Thanks for taking the time to read about the podcast and… happy birthday, hubby! 🙂

      February 15, 2019 at 3:50 pm

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