2 of 11 | Appliqueing Houses

Over the Meadow Block of the Month | Jan Patek | Runtime (13 min)

Jan demonstrates how to applique the house blocks which are included in blocks 2 and 10 in the orientation shown and blocks 6 and 8 in reversed orientation. She covers how to cut out each of the patches, how to stitch the roof pieces to the front of the house, and how to add the doors, windows, and chimney. See how to baste the chimney to the roof prior to appliqueing the full shape to the block’s background. For a refresher on the ground patch, see Lesson 1. Appliqueing the tulips, stems, and leaves will be covered in Lesson 3, appliqueing the stars will be covered in Lesson 5, and appliqueing the dog will be covered in Lesson 6.

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