7 of 11 | Appliqueing Pumpkins, Witch Eyes, and Crows

Over the Meadow Block of the Month | Jan Patek | Runtime (23 min)

Jan starts with the pumpkins of Block 7. She shows how to baste the edges inward to create the oval shape, then begins work on Wendy the witch. Jan shows how to make the small dots of Wendy’s eyes and discusses which order to start appliqueing the layered figure in. Jan briefly does a review of the house windows and shows how to remove the paper once the window or whatever other piece still has paper in it is fully appliqued to the patch it’s on top of or the block’s background. Jan then demonstrates appliqueing the crow to the roof of the house, particularly getting around the angles of its feet. There are crows or birds in Blocks 3, 7, 8, and 10. The stars were covered in Lesson 5, and the cat was covered in Lesson 6. Note that Kit Month 8 does not have a corresponding lesson as all of the techniques for Block 8 have already been covered.


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