6 of 11 | Appliqueing Round Flowers and Cats

Over the Meadow Block of the Month | Jan Patek | Runtime (29 min)

Jan focuses on Block 6, starting with the round flowers, which are also included in Block 4. She demonstrates marking and cutting out the fabric patches, stitching the four-pointed star in to the center of the flower, and basting the turned edges underneath for a perfectly round circle to applique onto the block. Jan then moves on to the cat figure, which is also included in Blocks 7 and 8, and a similar dog is included in Blocks 2 and 10. She demonstrates all the way through appliqueing the front legs, which have some tight inside and outside turns. The house was covered in Lesson 2, the stems and leaves were covered in Lesson 3, and the stars were covered in Lesson 5.


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