11 of 11 | Appliqueing Snowman’s Arms, and Adding Sashing and Borders

Over the Meadow Block of the Month | Jan Patek | Runtime (16 min)

You’re almost there! Many of the shapes of the layered snowman figure are similar to shapes which have already been covered in previous lessons. Jan demonstrates how to cut out and applique the snowman’s arms. She shows leaving the tail of the scarf un-appliqued until the arms have been stitched down and uses a pin to tuck it out of the way. Getting the squared-off points on the ends of the snowman’s arms are a little more challenging, and Jan guides through the entire process of hand-stitching. The stems were covered in Lesson 3, the holly leaves and berries were covered in Lesson 9, the stars were covered in Lesson 5, and the bird was covered in Lesson 7.


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