An Art Quilter’s Sanctuary: Open Studio with Deborah Boschert

Deborah Boschert in her studio

In 2018, Quilting Arts Magazine premiered a feature called ‘Open Studio’—allowing the reader to take a peek inside art quilters’ studios. Read on for a look at art quilter Deborah Boschert’s studio, and grab this 2018 magazine bundle to read up on a whole slew of artists and their creative spaces!

A Creative Sanctuary

Every home studio space has its own personality, and Deborah Boschert’s is no exception. Her space is located behind a pair of French doors right off the main entrance of her home. It used to be the home office, but Deborah has made it her own creative sanctuary. This is a studio that allows the maker’s creative voice to sing.

Fabric neatly stored in wire drawers | Photos courtesy of the artist

Fabric neatly stored in wire drawers | Photos courtesy of the artist

Deborah creates art quilts with layers of fabric, paint, stitch, and meaning. Her artwork is peaceful, introspective, and orderly, just like her studio. Everything both creatively and physically is centered on the counter-height table in the middle of the room. Her design wall is eight feet wide and reaches almost to the ceiling. “In fact, it’s too tall to make use of the upper area, but sometimes I stand on a stool and pin items at the top.”

Thread soup in Deborah Boschert's studio

Thread soup

Organization is Key

Organization, as in most studios, is key to making this space work. “The most important thing about my space is that my favorite tools and materials are easily accessible while I work through the creative process.” Her supplies are grouped in clear plastic shoeboxes and labeled, with the items used most frequently easily at hand. Some tools she no longer uses have been moved to the top shelf of the closet, a subtle way to encourage her to focus and avoid distraction. “Everything isn’t completely orderly,” she confesses. “My thread is all in one place, but it’s a chaotic, twisted mess of thread soup!”

Deborah’s red couch

Deborah’s red couch

When not working on her latest work, connecting with other artists, teaching classes, or sewing at the machine, you might find Deborah seated on her cozy red couch. “I love my couch. It’s great for sitting while hand stitching or doing research on my laptop—or just leaning back to ponder what’s happening on my design wall.” And it is a great place to take a break and enjoy a cup of coffee. Most days find Deborah creating in her studio, but no day is typical. “I might be working at my table creating surface design patterns with paint and stamps. Or maybe I’ll be pinning, folding, arranging, and rearranging fabrics on the design wall. I might be planning a new art quilt, applying fusible webbing, measuring, pressing, or documenting a quilt’s progress.”

In addition, she also works at her computer, prepping content for workshops and sharing her creative process on social media. For this busy art quilter, having the room to create her artwork is key. “I am thankful to have a practical, useful space. It’s not so much that the space itself is inspiring, but that it makes creativity and the process of creating accessible, possible, and practical.”

Did Deborah’s space leave you wanting more?

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