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Hello Quilters! My name is Carrie Sisk and I recently joined the Fons & Porter team as their new Online Editor. I can’t wait to jump right in and discuss fabulous quilts, talented quilters and ways we can ramp up our skills. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing and working with the Fons & Porter team for some time now and I can attest to their great knowledge and skill when it comes to the art of quilting. I can see you furrowing your brow at my contradicting statements. Just joining the team, but have worked with them for a while? I’ll get to that in a moment, but first, let me further introduce myself…

I’m a new mom with a six-month-old daughter who keeps life interesting! She has opened my eyes to a variety of worldly perspectives, including my interests. This discussion could go on for hours, but let’s keep to quilting, shall we? I’m looking into starting on my first baby quilt. Making a baby quilt for your baby is a big decision since I will need to squeeze this project in during my daughter’s naps and it is something she will have for the rest of her life. If you could choose one pattern, what would it be?

I’d love to hear about your ideas on how to make a baby quilt. This Baby Genius Synapse quilt by Linda Carlson (pictured), from an issue of Easy Quilts, looks like a winner.  Do you think a baby can become a genius from a quilt? Tell me about your favorite patterns for baby quilts.

So, as promised, my backstory…

For the past couple of (exciting) years, I’ve been the Talent Coordinator for F+W Media’s Video Department in Golden, Colorado and I’ve worked closely with some of the most talented instructors and artists in the crafting industry, including our very own Jean Nolte and Colleen Tauke of Fons & Porter. And, wow! What an experience! Most recently, I worked with quilting all-stars Patrick Lose, Marsha McCloskey and Deb Tucker. They share a sense of community that seems to envelope all quilters and they’re excited to share their knowledge with those who want to learn more. I was impressed with their focus, dedication, commitment and overall passion for all things quilting. So, here I am! I’m knee deep in quilting and loving it. In short – I dig it, man.

Thank you, kind quilters, for lending an ear and welcoming me into your community. I look forward to hearing from you and learning what you have to teach me.

Oh, yes. Don’t forget to leave comments with baby quilt ideas!


Happy Quilting!


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