Batik Quilt Patterns & Ideas

Batik quilt patterns are popular with quilters of every level because of their rich colors and tonal saturation that catches the eye. Batik quilts are simply those that make use of batik fabrics. The process behind making these stunning fabrics features using a wax-resistant dye on top of a whole cloth fabric and applying other dyes and marks. Because portions of the fabric have wax-resistant dye on them, the artist behind each fabric can choose how they’d like the finished fabric to appear. While batik quilting fabrics have been made in many countries across the globe, those from Indonesia and its neighboring countries are most popular with the quilters of today.

Because of the unique qualities of batik fabrics, it can be a challenge to find the perfect quilt patterns to highlight their details. Thankfully, the team at The Quilting Company is here to help you with patterns and ideas to help you showcase any batik fabrics you have in your stash.

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