Being New at a Quilt Guild: Giveaway

150px Map of USA NE.svg Being New at a Quilt Guild: Giveaway

I moved recently from Colorado, just one state north and east, to Nebraska.

Now that I’m settling in, the time has come to start checking out the local quilt guilds. I wonder which one might be a good fit for me in this new place. I live in a rural area but am within one hour of several larger towns where guilds exist. So far I’m aware of four different groups I’m going to visit.

castlerockquiltclub Being New at a Quilt Guild: Giveaway

Tonight is the first meeting I will attend. It’s been a long time since I was the new kid on the block, and I wonder how it will go. I’ve visited quite a few guilds as a speaker for Quiltmaker, and their personalities vary. Some are laid back and friendly and lovable, some are loud and boisterous and hilarious, a few are somewhat reserved, even rigid.

guilds1 Being New at a Quilt Guild: Giveaway

I will never forget the meeting I visited where the president said it was time for new people to take over the leadership. When nobody volunteered, she stood silently in front of the group. It took quite a long time but eventually someone caved.
 Being New at a Quilt Guild: Giveaway
It was excruciating. I was mortified.

I’m not expecting anything like that again, but my anticipation of tonight and of visiting all these new groups started me thinking about what makes a great quilt guild. Here it is, IMHO.

  1. A quilt guild should be friendly, friendly, friendly. This is quilting. It’s not the Marine Corps.
     Being New at a Quilt Guild: Giveaway
  2. The leadership should be happy, happy, happy. Their attitude (whatever it is) will spill over into the group.
  3. All members should be contributing in some way: bringing treats, show-and-tell, putting a quilt in the
    show, raising dollars, welcoming visitors, something. QUILT GUILD Being New at a Quilt Guild: Giveaway

    Everyone should do something so that no one has to do everything.

  4. The business meeting should be short. The Show & Tell should be long (but not long-winded, see #5).
  5. Show & Tell should be encouraging, uplifting and appreciative!
    showtell Being New at a Quilt Guild: Giveaway
    Each participant should speak briefly. In a great guild, every quilt is applauded and every member lets others enjoy her finishes by bringing them to Show & Tell. If she has serious stage fright, she asks a friend to speak on her behalf.
  6. The programs are important but they are not the meat and potatoes!  Being New at a Quilt Guild: Giveaway
    The quilters themselves are the meat and potatoes. The relationships quilters have with each other make a guild cohesive and fun. Going to quilt guild should be about hanging out with old friends and about making new ones.

What do you think makes a great quilt guild? Leave a comment by midnight Monday, Feb. 21 and I’ll pick one winner to receive a bundle of new quilting books. The winner is Sheila, comment #29.  Congratulations! Thank you to everyone for the great guild ideas you shared!

I’m hoping for new friends and lots of great quilty experiences with them. I’ll let you know how it goes!

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