Beyond Christmas Table Runners: 10 Ways a Quilt Design will Decorate Your Season

I love decorating the house for the holidays, and I go beyond the typical Christmas table runners and bed quilt to place quilted decorations throughout my home. And, if you look around my house you would find that I’ve made several quilted items using the same fabrics. With decorating in general, I tend to be a very matchy-matchy person. I have one idea of a project for a fabric or quilt design, that leads to another idea, and before I know it I have many projects that place the same fabric or design throughout the room: a bed quilt begets a couple of pillow covers, and then a wall hanging, and so on. And sometimes, I intentionally create a design that can have many applications. I had multi-functional quilts in mind when I designed Rocky Mountain Hideaway for our December/January issue of McCall’s Quick Quilts.

Rocky Mountain Hideaway
Designed by Tricia Patterson
McCall’s Quick Quilts, December/January 2018

My original intention for Rocky Mountain Hideaway was to design a quilted ensemble that could double as a Christmas table runner and placemats for our 6’ dining table. That accomplished, as I was making the pieces I started thinking of all the ways I could reuse aspects of the pattern for other holiday decorating. Here are a few ideas for using the Christmas table runners.

I’ve used one of the runners for the sofa table we use as a buffet table in our dining room.

Here I’ve placed the largest of the Christmas table runners on the coffee table in the parlor.

Of course, Rocky Mountain Hideaway could also be used as a wall hanging, hanging all three pieces together, only the center section, or hang only the two smaller panels depending on your wall space.

I can use the 18” and 12” individual blocks in a variety of ways.

I made two placemats using the 18” blocks. I added them in the photo below with only two of the Christmas table runners. I’ll add these to all three of the runners when we extend the table to accommodate even more dinner guests. I could very easily turn one of these blocks into a pillow. And add a couple more blocks, a mix of 18” and 12”, to make a set of pillows for the sofa.

One-block placemats

I could combine 36 of the 18” blocks to make a king-size bed quilt, 36 of the 12” blocks to make a pretty throw. Or perhaps, make 4 of the 18” blocks to make a bed runner. How about covering a body pillow to add a single decorative bed pillow by joining 3 of the 18” blocks?

See, and this is how it goes…one quilt design multiplies to become many quilt designs. Can you think of any more ways to use the Rocky Mountain Hideaway Christmas table runners this holiday season?

You’ll find more versatile holiday quilt project ideas in the December/January issue of McCall’s Quick Quilts. Request a print version or download your copy today.

Happy Holidays!

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