Binding with Piping Lesson in This Fons & Porter’s Sew Easy Lesson

Learn how you can do your quilt binding with piping to add a fancy touch to your quilt. Narrow piping can be used to add a finishing touch to your quilt binding. If you’re interested in even more instruction, Worry-Free Binding Every Time with Liz Porter includes information on basic binding, mitered corners on binding, finishing your binding, and binding with piping. So many quilters get worried about binding their tops and sandwiches that they never get around to finishing their quilts. How horrible a fate for a quilt! Don’t let the finishing steps of quilting hold you up! Instead, look to these steps as a way to add interest and fun to your quilts. This technique is one of those skills that makes binding a decision, not just a step to finishing your quilt that you’re going to dread!

About Binding with Piping

Learn How To Do This Quilting Technique

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