3-2-1-Blastoff! Reader Challenge

Illustration of a rocket blasting off into space

This year marks the 20th anniversary of the launch of the International Space Station. Through the exploration and research of this station and other initiatives, we have started to answer some of the most pervasive questions—is there life on Mars? How big is the Universe? Space is still a great mystery in many ways, but continues to fascinate and inform the masses. Last year, more people watched the solar eclipse than the Super Bowl! What’s out there? What do we seek as we probe, test, and watch? Explore the mysteries—and discoveries!—of space in cloth.

Join fellow Quilting Arts readers and create an art quilt based on the theme, “3-2-1-Blastoff!” Share your quilt with us and we’ll publish a sampling of readers’ artwork in the October/November issue or at quiltingcompany.com.

Visit our Reader Challenges page for everything you need to know about how to enter. And don’t forget to check back here on May 30th for the announcement of finalists for this Reader Challenge.

Illustration: Getty Images/Frank Ramspott

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