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This week’s quilt block is reminiscent of a flower or even spokes on a wheel. The Dresden Plate quilt block has a unique quality about it. It lends itself to so many different interpretations, making it versatile in many ways and open for interpretation. What do you think this block looks like?

Look at the quilt below and you’ll see what I mean. The Dresden quilt blocks in Dresden Botanica are pretty flowers, but they also have a rigidity to them that almost gives them an industrial look. The floral border counteracts that rigidity perfectly, softening the look of the whole quilt and creating a visual balance.

The Dresden Plate quilt block is made up of “petals” radiating from a center circle.  The tips of the Dresden Plates tend to be rounded, pointed, or flush with the body of each plate. You can change up the look of this block by varying the sizes of the petals or the center circle and by alternating the points of the petals between rounded and pointed.

Speaking of varying Dresden Plate designs, they need not always be challenging. This pretty, spring table topper, Hard Candy, has a simple design. Simple, yet impactful.

Hard Candy digital pattern

The Dresden Plate design isn’t always used in quilts, by the way. You can catch this design in quilting notions, like this cute pincushion.

Dresden Plate pincushion

Or, in quick-stitch Dresden Plate pillows, like the one pictured here.

Dresden Plate pillows digital pattern

Or, in a stylish, vintage apron. These Sweet n’ Simple Aprons come in several different designs, the Dresden Plate included. These aprons are great for using up your fabric scraps! Mary Fons shows off Erika Mulvenna’s vintage aprons in this fun (and free!) trunk show.

Sweet n' Simple Aprons digital pattern

But, alas, it always comes back to the quilts. We might take on a side project or two, but the quilts are our passion. So, here’s one more featuring the Dresden Plate quilt block called Kaffe’s Garden at Night. It doesn’t get much more impactful than this! Bright Dresden Plate quilt blocks in a traditional setting with an appliquéd border really packs a punch. If you’d like to make a statement, this quilt does it for you.

Kaffes Garden at Night

There are a lot of qualities about the Dresden Plate quilt block that make it a fun project. you can change up your fabrics, the size of the block, appliqué the Dresden Plate to your quilt, or make a pillow. Whatever you do with the Dresden Plate quilt block, you’ll be proud of yourself for your work and pleased with the results.


Happy Quilting!
Carrie Sisk, Fons & Porter Online Editor


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