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The String Game, popular in the early 2000s, consisted of creating various shapes out of looped string. A particularly difficult string shape was Jacob’s Ladder – fortunately, quilting with the Jacob’s Ladder quilt block is not nearly as challenging!

The Jacob’s Ladder quilt block is actually a great block for basic quilt patterns and beginner quilters! Read on to learn why.

Jacob's Ladder Quilt - Basic Quilt Patterns

The great thing about Jacob’s Ladder is that it can be constructed using strip sets. The whole block is constructed of four-patch and half-square triangles units, which means quick construction using the Sew Easy: 8-at-a-time Triangle-Squares technique.

Because of the many parts of Jacob’s Ladder that make up the whole block, there are seemingly endless variations on the look of this block. For example, in the quilt below, Jacob’s Coat of Many Colors, the center squares are actually four-patch units, which creates a strong secondary chain pattern. These chain patterns are akin to geometric quilts, which are symmetric and pleasing to look at.

Jacob's Coat of Many Colors - Geometric Quilts

Jacob's Coat of Many Colors - Geometric Quilts

Normally we see the ladders lined up in the same direction to create a strong chain design, but in Rotating Stair Steps, designer Joann Rasch set up the ladders perpendicular from each other. The chain is still there, but the eye wants to focus on the large white spaces between the chains. The colors in this quilt remind me of children’s quilt patterns. I think it’s because this quilt makes me happy!

Rotating Stair Steps Quilt - Geometric Quilts
Flat Rotating Stair Steps Quilt

I’ve always thought of Jacob’s Ladder quilt block as unique and used in some of Fons & Porter’s best quilts. Every time I see it, I recognize it immediately, and I always think it’s very attractive, but I can’t quite put my finger on why. I’m alright with not knowing. Do you also like the Jacob’s Ladder block? Have you made a Jacob’s Ladder quilt? Please share your comments below.

Happy Quilting!


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