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The Nine Patch quilt block has been around for hundreds of years—an integral part of American history, especially during the time of the pioneers and their move west. Women sewed, as was tradition, and children began their sewing education with simpler projects, like Nine Patch quilt patterns.

As the years have passed, the Nine Patch has, like all other quilt blocks, gained in popularity, and we now see variations on the Nine Patch quilt block. Let’s have a look at this quilt block, and some Nine Patch quilt patterns, as they are today.

Nine Patch Square Dance Quilt
Nine Patch Square Dance by Lynn Roddy Brown

The Nine Patch Garden quilt, designed by Jean Nolte, is from the Quilting Quickly Summer 2014 issue. It features two-tone Nine Patch quilt blocks, which coincides with a fun jelly roll quilt pattern. Softly-colored 2½” wide strips, and one neutral print, make this lovely twin-size quilt quick work with a fun outcome. There’s a great Sew Easy free quilt video tutorial on making this quilt, as well.

Nine Patch Garden Quilt

Sew Easy: Nine Patch Garden Quilt

This fat quarter quilt pattern is called Will You Walk Into My Parlor? Tony Jacobson designed this one and it has so much going on! With all of the excitement this quilt brings, it isn’t overwhelming, but rather, quite inviting. It’s the perfect balance between a unique quilt pattern and a cohesive arrangement. The geometric design is quite becoming, integrating the Nine Patches perfectly. This layout is unbelievable! You can almost see the Churn Dash quilt blocks peeking out. It all goes together so well. Tony is a quilt master!
Will You Walk Into My Parlor

Let’s take a look at another of our Nine Patch quilt patterns before moving on to notions (which can make our quilting lives so much easier). Dressed to the Nines, designed by Jenny Doan, is a modified Nine Patch. For this particular quilt, that means that Nine Patches are created and then cut apart to create a whimsical quilt. It gives the illusion that the quilter spent a lot of time piecing, when in fact, Nine Patches were created and cut into quarters. Voilà!

Dressed to the Nines Quilt

Now, for the notions. Like I said, they can be extremely helpful. There are two items that I want to show you that would be particularly helpful for piecing Nine Patch quilt patterns: a spinning cutting mat and the Glorified Nine Patch Template Set (for Glorified Nine Patch quilts like Glorious as seen in episode 2713 of Love of Quilting). These two are great quilting companions and they come highly recommended!

Glorious Nine-Patch Quilt

Glorified Nine Patch Template Set

Olfa 12 Inch Spinning Cutting Mat

Do you have any favorite Nine Patch quilt patterns that you’ve created? What’s your favorite quilt block or quilt pattern? Tell me about it and I’ll put it in the running for an upcoming BLOCK Friday blog.

Itching for more Nine Patch quilt patterns? Head over to BLOCK Friday: EVEN MORE Nine Patch Quilt Patterns for… well… even more Nine Patch quilt patterns!

Carrie Sisk, Online Editor, Fons & Porter


Happy Quilting!

Carrie Sisk, Fons & Porter, Online Editor

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