BLOCK Friday: Pieced Flower Quilts

Pretty Posies from Quilting Quickly May/June 2015

Flower quilts there are aplenty, but due to the nature of the subject matter (think soft, curved petals), many are created using appliqué techniques. So what’s a piecer who loves flowers to do? Try some of the many pieced flower quilt block patterns in the quilting universe, of course! The Fons & Porter archives are rich with examples of flower garden quilts made without a single appliqué stitch.

Pretty Posies by Diane Tomlinson (shown above) is a lovely example of a flower quilt made with simple, open-petal daisy style quilt blocks. This particular block starts with a 10″ pre-cut fabric square, and a quick free video shows construction from start to finish. With just a few easy triangle corners, you can piece a posie in no time flat!

Country Garden Quilt

Country Garden by Diane Tomlinson

The Country Garden quilted table runner pattern features sweet-as-spring pieced tulip quilt blocks. This is another Diane Tomlinson design and graces the cover of Easy Quilts Spring 2017. There’s a bit of template piecing required for this project to get those elongated triangles for the leaves and outer petals, but with only ten 6″ blocks to make, this is still a one-weekend project. Creative piecing like this can add a lot of realism to a pieced flower block—well worth the extra effort!

Orange City Tulips Table Topper

Orange City Tulips by Kay Bergquist

Orange City Tulips has another example of a pieced tulip quilt block. This 19″ x 49″ project designed by Kay Bergquist is rated Easy and includes only basic piecing techniques. Kay created her table quilt in batiks, adding to the realistic look of the finished product. The subtle gradations of color and natural textures found in batiks can give flower quilts extra depth and the single blossoms individuality, just like flowers in nature!

This is a fast project, taking only a few evenings or a nice weekend of stitching. If you’d like to try this pieced flower block, you’ll find it in the Easy Quilts Fall 2014 digital issue.

Pots of Posies by Mischele Hart

Pots of Posies by Mischele Hart

Pots of Posies, a quilt designed by Mischele Hart, features sawtooth stars with snowball quilt block centers representing flowers along with simple triangles to create their containers. Twelve 12″ blocks and a lovely lattice sashing, plus a mitered outer border, make this quilt a nice size for family sofa snuggling or a small bed.

This particular pieced flower block is more stylized than realistic, but very “quilterly” and effective. The choice of yellow fabric for the flower centers ramps up the cheerfulness quotient. The block itself could be arranged in many ways, some of which would create interesting secondary patterns. The Pots of Posies quilt pattern is available in the Love of Quilting January/February 2016 digital issue.

Prickly Flowers by Melissa Eubanks

Prickly Flowers by Melissa Eubanks

Going a little further on the stylized side of flower quilts, the pieced flower blocks in Prickly Flowers are a scrap quilter’s dream. This design by Melissa Eubanks fits a queen-size bed and requires just 9 big blocks.

The flower shapes in this block evoke cactus blossoms, with their open, sharply pointed florets. The piecing in this block is basic, and at a finished size of 28″, the patches are relatively large. Square-in-a-square centers, angled rectangles, and flying geese are some of the simple units used to create these blossom shapes. If you want to make a big impact with a flower quilt block, this design may be your next project! Find this one in the Quilty May/June 2015 issue.

Prairie Blossoms by Jane Vaughan

Prairie Blossoms by Jane Vaughan

The flower blocks in Prairie Blossoms by Jane Vaughan are also stylized. This flower quilt pattern starts with precut 2 1/2″-wide fabric strips, saving time in cutting. Learn more about this one in the Quilting Quickly Fall 2014 digital issue.

A variety of 1930s repro fabrics was used in Jane’s quilt, but this design would lend itself well to other fabrications, too. Contemporary florals, batiks, Civil War reproductions, Asian-themed prints, scrappy assortments….all would look great in this basic and beautiful pieced flower block. Check out the digital pattern if you’d like to give this one a try.

Cactus Blooms Quilt by Love of Quilting Staff

Cactus Blooms by Quilting Company Staff

Cactus Blooms by Emily Bailey gives you 30 opportunities to mix and match assorted fabrics to create an entire field of flowers. With stars as their centers, these pieced flower blocks are again on the stylized end of things, but each definitely gives the look of a full-open bloom.

This flower quilt pattern is a great way to use scrap fabrics from your stash. And, we love this one so much, we made it the cover quilt for the Love of Quilting January/February 2017 issue.

Viola Blossoms by Leslie Main

Viola Blossoms by Leslie Main

And just because you prefer piecing to appliqué doesn’t mean your flowers can’t have curved petals! Many curved-piecing quilt blocks have been used to represent blooms in quilts. In Viola Blossoms, designer Leslie Main used tiny gold squares for the flower centers, but all the other patches in the blocks have gentle curves. This quilt includes templates for all the shapes needed, but patches can also be cut using the AccuQuilt Go! 12″ snowball die set. Either way, the quilt pattern is rated easy, and you’ll end up with beautiful curved-petal blossoms in your quilt blocks. Find this quilt pattern in the Easy Quilts Fall 2014 digital issue for this quilt pattern and many more.

Floating Breeze Blossoms by Violet Craft

Floating Breeze Blossoms by Violet Craft is another example of a pieced flower quilt with lovely curves. In this case, the curved piecing is similar to that used to make Drunkard’s Path quilt blocks. Watch a free short video to see this technique in action, and then make a practice block! You’ll see how easy it is to get the look of a realistic full-blown flower with simple curved piecing. Check out the Love of Quilting May/June 2014 digital issue for this quilt pattern and many more.

Are you ready to try some pieced flower quilts? Have you already made a quilt with pieced flower blocks? Inspire us in the comments below, and share photos of your work on the The Quilting Company Facebook page!

Happy Quilting!

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