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Today’s quilt block is versatile and delicate—it’s the Ribbon Star quilt block. The name of this simple block comes from the four V-shapes (the ribbons) at each corner.

Truthfully, it was a little tough to find the name of this block. Why? Because it’s a star block, and there are many star blocks! But it’s much more than just a star block. There had to be a more specific name for this block than “star block,” and it required some research to uncover what it was.

Quilters can be quite fond of this block for a few reasons. First, it’s an easy quilt block because it only requires half-square triangles and squares. Second, changing up the color patterns creates a completely different looking quilt. And third, when you put lots of these blocks together they create a secondary diamond and square design.

Exhibit A:
See the Ribbon Stars in this Lil Bits quilt?Can you see the secondary diamond and square patterns in the Lil’ Bits design (above)?

In Super Star, a single ribbon star block (rightly!) calls out for your attentionIn addition to the classic Ribbon Star block, its variations and adaptations are as equally charming. For those looking for little more of a challenge but wanting to keep the elegance of this quilt block, Katie Clark Blakesley’s Super Star wall hanging is the perfect choice. Better yet, Mary Fons and Ellen Graf get together for a video tutorial on how to make Super Star.

Throw in another half-square triangle block in place of the square and you’ve got yourself an envelope quilt block. That’s one’s pretty cool too. It’s called You’ve Got Mail.

You've Got Mail, a digital pattern with ribbon star blocksWhat are you picturing when you see the Ribbon Star quilt block? Do you like altering each “ribbon” color or would you make them all match for a real star-looking quilt block? Have you made a quilt with this block before? Share some of your inspiration!

Happy Quilting! The Fons & Porter Team

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