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In the quilt world, it’s not about Black Friday. It’s about Block Friday. We’re putting the spotlight on our favorite blocks. My favorite is found in Old Sawmill, a quilt by Tony Jacobson from Quilting Quickly.


The only problem? The block doesn’t have a name! Tony self-titled the block “Buzz Saw,” but I think our readers can get more creative than that. I proclaim the best idea for this quilt block name will be added to the library of quilt blocks! (I don’t think I actually have that power, or if there is a real library of quilt blocks.)

The thing about this nameless block is that it’s so versatile in this quilt. Pick seasonal fabric to make a holiday quilt, use flannel for a warm winter quilt, or use bright colors or pastels for a kid-friendly quilt pattern. Perhaps it should be called the “Anything Goes” quilt block?

Let’s get the specs on Old Sawmill:

  • It’s SO beginner friendly. Wide strips of fabric make for easy piecing. There’s also a free YouTube tutorial from our staff in case you need a visual guide.
  • It has the potential to be a masculine quilt. My dad is always the last person on my Christmas list I buy for. His wish list only includes a fishing boat. I’m making him this quilt with deep brown and blue fabric. Perfect for his man cave!
  • Since it’s from Quilting Quickly, it’s a time saver. I’m also a last-minute shopper. Last minute quilts are my thing!
  • Tony Jacobson is the designer. I’m a bit biased because I work with him, but the quilts he turns out always catch my eye. Insider fact about Tony: Batiks are his favorite fabric!

All my best,

Fons & Porter Rachel

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