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Do you think the Square-in-a-Square quilt block is boring? I’m here to champion it’s potential to make some striking designs and unique quilts. Think of the common misconception that Einstein failed math, when really, he didn’t. He actually “mastered differential and integral calculus” before he was fifteen. The same misdirected information can apply to quilts, as well.

So, what is so compelling about the Square-in-a-Square quilt block? For one thing, if you change up the color scheme, it can change the whole look of the quilt and the finished quilt changes the atmosphere of the surrounding area. Think traditional with this adorable table topper, All Around the Square.

All Around the Square

And then there’s this one, called Cubbyholes.

Cubbyholes Quilt

And then this one, called Out of the Box.

Out of the Box Quilt
Out of the Box

The great thing about the Square-in-a-Square quilt block is that, although it’s very simple, it has a distinct design and you can arrange and rearrange that design to make countless variations that all create a different look. In the quilt below, called Boxed In, contemporary fabrics and multiple squares inside of squares make for an original and unexpected design.

Boxed In Quilt
Boxed In

This kids’ quilt called Shadow Boxes, that has the same idea.

Shadow Boxes Quilt
Shadow Boxes

And, it’s adult counterpart, Shadow Boxes, Too.

Shadow Boxes, Too Quilt
Shadow Boxes, Too

Getting back to my discussion about the Square-in-a-Square block making striking designs and unique quilts…
Another way to spice up the Square-in-a-Square quilt design is to pair it with another quilt block, like the Rolling Stone quilt block. See how it makes the Emeralds quilt really come to life? What a looker!

Emeralds Quilt

Have I convinced you yet? I think the Square-in-a-Square quilt block has so much potential to make really lovely quilts! If you’re still not completely sure that I’m steering you in the right direction, check out this episode of Love of Quilting. Marianne Fons and Mary Fons dedicated an entire episode of their show to show you how to make the Emeralds quilt shown above. Yes – the Square-in-a-Square quilt block IS THAT SPECIAL.


Happy Quilting!

Carrie Sisk, Fons & Porter Online Editor

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