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We’re seeing stars in this week’s BLOCK Friday! What’s your favorite Star quilt? Star patterns are so plentiful in the quilting world, it’s hard to know where to start! A typical Star quilt block is comprised of six to eight points made of diamonds or triangles radiating from the center. You might recognize, or maybe you’ve made, some of the following; Ohio Star quilt pattern, Lone Star quilt pattern, Feathered Star quilt pattern, etc. There are plenty more where that came from! Let’s take a look at some of the quilt Star patterns that Fons & Porter enjoys.

The Blazing Star pattern is an eight-pointed star, just like you see in Ohio Star quilt patterns and Lone Star quilt patterns. The Blazing Star appears to be two four-pointed stars, one on top of the other. This quilt, Blaze of Stars, is actually a slight variation of the original because the arms of the star are composed of diamonds instead of the triangle shapes typically cut using a fabric cutter or foundation paper piecing.

If you find yourself entranced by the intricacy of the Feathered Star quilt block, you’re not alone. This block is one of the most intricate Star block quilt patterns around – it can be a bit tricky for some. Plenty of triangle units and half-square triangles are carefully arranged to make this stunning quilt block. Make a Feathered Star quilt of your own with Marti Michell’s Feathered Star Not So Block of the Month, or create the Feathered Star Medallion quilt, as you see below, by following along with the quilt pattern.

The Feathered Star quilt is on many-a-quilter’s bucket list. If you’re not entirely sure how to get started on a Feathered Star quilt, Marsha McCloskey, the Feathered Star guru, has a course that will give you everything you need to know to be successful in your quilting endeavors. Feathered Star Quilting Techniques with Marsha McCloskey is the best course around for learning more about these beautiful quilt blocks.

Feathered Star Medallion

The Broken Star quilt block is magnificent. It starts with a Lone Star quilt block in the center and appears to have broken pieces of star that form a border around the center Star. You can see this in the Broken Spoke quilt. The Broken Star quilt pays tribute to the Lone Star quilt pattern – you can see the Lone Star is the inspiration for this quilt. Broken Spoke is a breathtaking work of art, designed by none other than our very own Liz Porter. Boy, is it stunning!

Broken Spoke Quilt

The LeMoyne Star quilt block is a straight-forward eight-pointed star, made using 45° diamonds. You can really change the look of this Star block depending on your arrangement, color and contrast. Links makes me think of autumn leaves and a bit of the South West. It’s always fun when a quilt brings you to another place, even if only in your imagination. The Rapid Fire LeMoyne Star template is a great tool for creating these Star blocks quickly and without using “Y” seams. Oh, joy!

Links Quilt

What’s a BLOCK Friday about Star quilt blocks without a patriotic quilt? The Ohio Star quilt block is a Nine-Patch with a center square. This might be the Star block you see most often, as it’s one of the easier to make due to its Nine-Patch construction. Additionally, because an Ohio Star quilt pattern is so recognizable, the Ohio Star Quilt is quite popular and can be seen around the country as a staple in quilting communities.

Ohio Star Quilt

The variety of patterns, colors, designs and variations available makes creating the Star quilt that fits your home decor surprisingly easy and also aesthetically pleasing. Are you gifting someone? You can’t go wrong with a Star quilt, and often they look more complicated than they actually are (although, the Feathered Star quilt might be the exception).

While this certainly isn’t an extensive list, it’s a great starting point for those Star quilt blocks that make up a special quilt. Take a look at BLOCK Friday: Star Quilt Block, Pt. 2 for more of the Star Quilt Block story.

Star patterns can really brighten up a room and brighten up your day! They certainly make me smile. How about you?

Carrie Sisk, Online Editor, Fons & Porter
Happy Quilting!

Carrie Sisk, Fons & Porter, Online Editor

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