BLOCK Friday: Tilted Blocks

The Tilted Block—it’s a fun way to get wonky! Whether you construct it by trimming down or prefer to sew wedges around the center (both methods work!), this is an unbeatable block for fussy-cutting.

Making a tilted block might look difficult, but it can be easy and fun. A good way to cut loose and have fun kind of block!

This Sew Easy Lesson from the archives showcases the trim down method to achieve a wonky block. Some patterns provide you with measurements for creating a wedge that you sew to edges of a block.

You see them mostly in quilts that have a whimsical theme to them. Here you can see the block in play, and how it makes it easy to fussy cut large print fabrics and pre-printed blocks. The tilted block frames them up in contrasting fabrics to allow you to focus on the design.

It can be an improvisational and unpredictable design for the Modern and art quilter creating an irregular looks to their blocks.

In Line Dance (above), placing a nine-patch in a tilted block and playing with placement results in a dancing effect. So a tilted block can make a classic pattern very dynamic!

Our sewing specialist Colleen Tauke took her daughters t-shirts to make a t-shirt quilt. By framing the logos she could make equally sized blocks, in turn making it easier to sew rows!

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We’d love to see your work!

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