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We love a good BLOCK Friday and we know you do, too! Well, we know that you love the BLOCK Fridays listed below, anyway. Today, we’re sharing the 10 most popular write-ups in this series featuring quilt and quilt block history, quilt patterns and techniques, tutorials and tools for easier and accurate construction. So, let’s start the countdown! (Click on the headings to read about each one.)

#10 BLOCK Friday: Nine Patch Quilt Patterns

The Nine Patch quilt block has been around for hundreds of years, and as the years have passed, the Nine Patch has gained in popularity. Now we’re seeing variations on the Nine Patch quilt block pop up in quilts all over the country. Let’s have a look at this quilt block, and some Nine Patch quilt patterns, as they are today…

#9 BLOCK Friday: Patriotic Quilts

Many of us like to decorate our homes in solidarity with, and in honor of, patriotic holidays. Think American flag quilts, patriotic table runners, and the like. Rich in history, patriotic quilts are a way to bring the American spirit into a quilt top and make great keepsake quilts and gift quilts. There are so many quilts that have become historical placeholders and quilts that are being created today that will be added to that lot. Here are some of our favorites…

BLOCK Friday: Patriotic Quilts

#8 BLOCK Friday: Kaleidoscope Quilt Blocks

An integral part of the Kaleidoscope block is color placement and contrast. These two things help to create the effect that you see in the quilt, as you do when looking through it’s namesake. Kaleidoscope quilt blocks are such fun and make fantastic quilts! What do you think of these quilts featuring these quilt blocks?

BLOCK Friday: Kaleidoscope Quilt Blocks

#7 BLOCK Friday: Irish Chain Quilts

An Irish Chain quilt top features an overall design of squares (primary pattern) that creates a linked design (secondary pattern) across the quilt top. There are a few different types of secondary patterns known simply as single, double, and triple chains. Let’s take a look at some quilts before delving into the history of the Irish Chain…

BLOCK Friday: Irish Chain Quilts

#6 BLOCK Friday: Batik Quilt Patterns

Batik quilt patterns not only make a stunning statement, they are also a lot of fun to work with. A wide variety of choices—multicolored, semi-colored, monochromatic, representational, painterly, geometric—means plenty of opportunity to create varying colorways and eye-catching layouts. Whichever type of batik fabric you use, the creative possibilities are endless. Have you ever wondered how batiks are made? It’s really interesting…

BLOCK Friday: Batik Quilt Patterns

#5 BLOCK Friday: Album Cross Quilt Block

Despite its simple construction and adaptability in quilt arrangements, quilters may get a little frustrated when making their blocks — the Album Cross is notorious for uneven “dog ears.” But, never fear! We have a couple of solutions for you…

BLOCK Friday: Album Cross Quilt Block

#4 BLOCK Friday: St. Paddy’s Day Quilts

The holidays are extra special for quilters because it gives us an excuse to take on new and exciting projects (and we get to decorate—very important). You’ll want to see the quilts that the Fons & Porter staff think of when St. Paddy’s Day rolls around. Plus, we have some fun facts about Ireland and St. Patrick’s Day…

BLOCK Friday: St. Paddy's Day Quilts

#3 BLOCK Friday: Woven Quilts and Quilt Blocks

Woven quilt blocks, or quilts that appear to be woven, are a delightful optical illusion. They can appear complicated, but depending on the quilt and design layout, they might be quite simple to create. Using graphic prints, sashing tricks and pre-cuts, quilters have the tools to make a woven quilt appear challenging, even if the process was quite simple. Sometimes, you need to see it to believe it…

BLOCK Friday: Woven Quilts & Quilt Blocks

#2 BLOCK Friday: Amish Quilts

Genuine Amish quilts can be pricey and hard to find, so they are ideal candidates for replicating with your own quilt making skills. Many Amish and Amish-inspired quilts have been patterned so that non-Amish quilters can duplicate them, and we have a number of such quilt patterns to recommend to you. Let’s take a look!

BLOCK Friday: Amish Quilts

#1 BLOCK Friday: Disappearing Nine Patch

The Disappearing Nine Patch quilt block is a bit puzzling if you’re trying to decipher its construction upon first glance. How does a simple Nine Patch block—perhaps one of the simplest quilt blocks in quilting—turn into its elusive cousin, the Disappearing Nine Patch? Depending on the direction you turn the four quadrants of the split Nine Patch, you can create a number of different Disappearing Nine Patch layouts…

BLOCK Friday: Disappearing Nine Patch

We hope you enjoyed this tour of the top 10 BLOCK Friday blogs! Each one of these is near and dear to our hearts and we’re so happy to share these with you every other Friday. If you’re still hankering for more BLOCK Friday blogs, never fear! We have more where that came from and more to come.


Happy Quilting!

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