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Think of quilt block names that are associated with the wind. What do you come up with? Two that come to mind immediately are Pinwheel quilt blocks and Weathervane quilt blocks. They may not be 10 minutes quilt blocks, but they’re well worth the effort. Both are traditional quilt block patterns that have held a place in quilting history for some time.

Pinwheel Song Quilt -- Quilt Block Names
Pinwheel Song -- Quilt Block Names

The Pinwheel quilt is a fine example of early 19th-century quiltmaking. But, as we all know, in today’s quilting world, the Pinwheel quilt has evolved to include other quilt blocks, appliqué, machine quilting and more. Pinwheel Song is a lovely example of how the Pinwheel quilt block can be the focus of the quilt, but still incorporate other aspects of modern quilting, like multiple borders within larger borders and two variations on the Pinwheel quilt block.

Holiday Whirl - Quilt Block Names
Holiday Whirl -- Quilt Block Names

And then, there are quilts that feature a modified Pinwheel quilt block, like Holiday Whirl. The modified Pinwheel block, or Whirling Pinwheel in this case (quilt block names like this may be new to you, but they’re a great spin on traditional quilt blocks), may work best with specialized templates for creating the entire block with precision. These quilts make dramatic statements that bring lots of oooohs and aaaahs from admirers. Holiday Whirl is a lovely quilt to make for the holiday season, making a beautiful display piece that adds so much to traditional holiday décor.

We love a good Pinwheel block, but how about the Weathervane block? It’s not as well-known of a quilt block pattern, but is quite a looker and tons of fun to make. Three units make up this quilt block: the square, half-square triangle and Flying Geese unit. This is the perfect quilt block for beginners to practice on and a quilt block that seasoned quilters can manipulate to make unique designs. If you like to play with color, this is a great block for you!

Sweet & Breezy -- Quilt Block Names
Sweet & Breezy -- Quilt Block Names

You can see with Sweet & Breezy, color can play a large role in the final appearance of your quilt top. Choosing colors isn’t for everyone, though, and when a quilt kit is offered, it might be just what the quilter ordered.

Now, these quilt block names will pop out at you when you see them around the quilting community enticing you to give them a try. Everyone has their favorite quilt blocks and these two quilt blocks are a favorite of traditional and modern quilters alike. Classic quilt blocks like these make great quilt designs whether they’re used in their traditional setting or as modified versions, like the Whirling Pinwheel. How have you used these quilt blocks in your quilts? Tell us about it in the comments below!

Carrie Sisk, Online Editor, Fons & Porter

Happy Quilting!

Carrie Sisk, Fons & Porter, Online Editor

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