Blue Breeze: FREE Classic Blue and White Quilt Lap Quilt Pattern

Designed by ANN WEBER

Blue Breeze: FREE Classic Blue and White Quilt Lap Quilt Pattern

Cheer up! With dozens of daisies spilling playfully across this quilt, you’ll be anything but blue. Two shades of blue combined with true white make Ann’s design a beauty.

Skill Level Beginner

Finished Size 59 x 75

Fabric Requirements

White-on-white print 2 yds.
Blue daisy print (piecing, borders) 2 yds.
Light blue print 1 yd.
Blue/green print (binding) yd.
Backing (piece widthwise) 3 yds.
Batting size 68 x 84

Cutting Instructions
(cut in order listed)
= cut in half diagonally
White-on-white print
40 squares 3 x 3
40 squares 6 x 6
Blue daisy print
*2 strips 5 x 64, cut on lengthwise grain
*2 strips 7 x 64, cut on lengthwise grain
40 squares 3 x 3
80 squares 3 x 3
Light blue print
40 squares 5 x 5
Blue/green print
8 strips 2 x width of fabric
*Strips include extra length for trimming.

Piecing the Blocks

  1. Draw diagonal line on wrong side of white-on-white print 3 square. Referring to Diagram I, place white square on blue daisy print 3 square, right sides together. Sew seam on each side of marked line; cut apart on marked line. Open and press to make 2 pieced squares. Make 80.
  2. Referring to Diagram II, sew 2 rows using 4 pieced squares. Sew rowstogether to make pinwheel square. Make 20.
  3. Sew light blue 5 half-square triangles to sides of pinwheel square, as shown in Diagram III-A. Repeat by stitching white 6 half-square triangles to sides (Diagram III-B) to make large pieced square. Make 20.

  4. On wrong side of blue daisy print 3 square, draw diagonal line and place on upper white corner of large pieced square, right sides together, aligning raw edges (Diagram IV). Stitch on drawn line. Trim and discard excess fabric; open and press. Repeat on remaining 3 corners of large square to complete Pinwheel-in-Double-Square Block. Make 20.

  5. Sew 5 rows of 4 blocks each. Sew rows together.
  6. Stitch blue daisy print 5 x 64 strips to sides; trim even with top and bottom. Sew remaining blue daisy print strips to top/bottom; trim even with sides.
  7. Layer, baste, and quilt. Ann machine ditch quilted the seams. She added a continuous daisy chain in the outer white area of the blocks and straight parallel lines on the borders intersecting at the corners. Bind quilt with blue/green print.

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