Bold Projects to Quilt in a Day or Two

Small quilting projects are some of my favorites because they are so quick to complete, but it’s even better to create an entire quilt in a day (or two). It’s not that I don’t enjoy the process of quilting–I absolutely do–but the sense of accomplishment and pride I feel when I have a completed a project is the best. This aspect of quilting is the one that keeps me motivated–which is why projects I can quilt in a day are usually at the top of my to-make list.

As nice as smaller projects are, I think its even better to spend a day (or two) of sewing time to create an entire quilt. Of course, each quilter has his or her own pace; some of us focus entirely on the project at hand, while others (myself included) enjoy catching up on TV or movies while sewing.

Since my fabric stash (and queue of TV shows) has continued to grow, I think its high time I start turning my precuts, fat quarters, and yardage into quilts.

Here are five bold and beautiful quilts that can be made in a day (or a few if you like to multitask while sewing like I do):

Hourglass Wall Quilt

Make a stunning wall quilt with just four hourglass quilt blocks.

To me, the classification of “wall quilt” conjures the image of a small quilt to be hung and admired. The Hourglass Wall Quilt designed by Brigitte Heitland makes a bold statement when displayed, but is large enough at 50” square to be used and loved as a throw quilt. The quilt is made up of just four 20” Hourglass Blocks so it’s the perfect triangle quilt to try! Dive into your fat quarter stash, choose a few favorite fabrics to showcase, and start your own version of this quilt.

Color Block Quilt

Make a gorgeous modern quilt with 9 fat quarters and some sashing

Another fat quarter-friendly quilt project is the Color Block Quilt designed by Nicole Daksiewicz. With just nine fat quarters and some white fabric for sashing, she creates a stunning quilt with a finished size of 61” square and lovely ombré effect. I would love to try making a double-sided quilt using this pattern with a cool analogous color scheme on one side and a warm color scheme on the other. The opportunity to customize this simple, yet bold, nine-patch quilt is truly endless—feature favorite prints or try replacing the white with a bright color.

Every Color Quilt Pattern

This modern quilt comes together quickly and easily

Multicolor quilts are some of my favorites! This lap quilt measuring 70” x 50” designed by Alissa Haight Carlton highlights color relationships and comes together quickly.  Alissa uses two gray fabrics as her neutrals to set off the bright solids, but you could easily change this quilt up to make it your own. Although this doesn’t look like a scrap quilt, the pattern calls for fabric scraps measuring 5 ½” x 4 ½” so it’s a great way to see what gems you’ve got hiding in your stash. Make your quilt scrappy with a mix of prints, make it sleek with solids, or make it a mix of the two that suits your style.

Through the Blinds Quilt

Half-square Triangle blocks are used to make this bold modern quilt.

This bright quilt designed by Malka Dubrawsky is perfect for everyone from an absolute beginner to a quilting pro. Half-Square Triangle Blocks are the cornerstone of this graphic quilt. Malka mixes value and strong color to give this quilt design a powerful punch. Try dyeing your own fabric, as Malka has; use fabrics from your stash or the store. Experiment with batiks, prints, or neutrals to create your own Through the Blinds Quilt.

Modern Wave Quilt

Break out your jelly rolls for this modern take on a log cabin quilt.

Last, but certainly not least is the Modern Wave Quilt designed by Natalia Bonner and Kathleen Whiting. The 12” blocks make quick work of this large quilt (a whopping 108” x 96”). Plus, this graphic twist on the Log Cabin Block features 2 ½” strips so it’s perfect for jelly rolls you may or may not have in your stash. Choose fabrics that mirror the color scheme of your bedroom or combine jelly rolls for a scrappy version of this quilt.

To be perfectly honest, I’m so excited to start digging through my stash so I can make these quilts that I could barely finish writing this blog. Now that my next several projects are lined up, I think I need to schedule some Sewing Saturdays or maybe just take a five day weekend to do some sewing!

Whether you’re looking for a project you can quilt in a day or one that will challenge your quilting prowess, you’re sure to find your next quilting pattern here at The Quilting Company. Or better yet, subscribe to Modern Patchwork to have patterns, inspiration, and more delivered to your door every other month.

Happy quilting!

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