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Patterson Kathy 225px 150x150 Book Review: Sister Sampler QuiltsSister Sampler Quilts: 3 Modern Sampler Quilts with Paired Sister Blocks
By AnneMarie Chany
Fons & Porter/F+W; $19.99


Cover 550px Book Review: Sister Sampler QuiltsSampler quilts, traditionally quilts where each block used is of a different pattern, are enormous favorites both of quilters and people who simply enjoy quilts. The variety of shapes creates interest and movement, and making different block patterns is much more interesting than, say, making 20 of the same block.

AnneMarie Chaney has tapped into the appeal of sampler quilts big time in her new book, Sister Sampler Quilts. Included are complete patterns for 3 different samplers, and each has a fun new twist…similar blocks are made in pairs to allow the quilter to experiment a bit with fabric placements, without getting bored with each block design. It’s a great concept, and it made for some great quilts. Take a peek!

A 400px Book Review: Sister Sampler QuiltsThis first quilt in the book is called Sisters’ Ten Sampler. Basically, you make 2 versions of each of 10 different blocks, and then arrange them in this intriguing setting. It’s kind of mesmerizing, even more than a classic sampler, because the eye wants to find the “sister” blocks and see the differences between them. Fascinating!

B 400px Book Review: Sister Sampler Quilts

The second pattern in the book is the Vice Versa Sampler. Most likely your eyes are already searching out the “sister” block pairs! In this quilt, color placement is reversed in the block pairs. Background becomes feature color and, well, vice versa!

C 400px Book Review: Sister Sampler Quilts

The final pattern is the Bonfire Sampler. Although many of the block designs in all 3 of these quilts are super traditional, this particular quilt includes more specialty blocks, with curved piecing and string piecing adding extra zip. So fun!

This book also includes a very nice technique section with really good step by step photos of several frequently-used piecing processes. There are alternate colorways shown for each quilt, and the block patterns alone are a treasure, even if the quilts themselves aren’t quite what you’re looking for. There are lots of quilting suggestions and diagrams, so even the final steps of quilt construction are covered well.

If your favorite quilting style is modern traditional, this book is a must-have for your personal library. Follow the link for more details, and enjoy!


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