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Jinny Beyer’s
Tips for Framing a Rectangular Quilt with a Border Print

One of the most important considerations when using a border print to frame a quilt is to have the corners match. You will find it quite easy to get a perfect fit and match the corners by following these steps.

1. Place a strip of fabric across the middle of the quilt, centering a mirror imaged motif from the border at the exact center (Diagram I). Measuring across the middle as opposed to the edge is more accurate, and will keep the quilt from “ruffling” at the edges.

Diagram I
Diagram I

2. Use a right angle triangle to mark the miter along one of the ends, making sure to leave enough fabric for a 1/4″ seam allowance.

3. Carefully pick up the mitered end of the border strip and bring it over to the other edge of the quilt, making sure that the design matches. (If you have centered a motif from the border print in the middle of the quilt, the designs should match at both edges.) Cut the second miter.

4. Use this first mitered piece as a guide to cut one more identical piece. Take care to make sure that the design on the border print is exactly the same as on the first piece.

5. The pieces for the other two sides of the quilt must be cut differently. In order for the corners on all pieces to match, there must be a seam in these pieces where they fall at the middle of the sides of the quilt (Diagram II).

Diagram II
Diagram II

6. Place one of the previously cut strips on top of a length of the border print strip, matching the design. Cut a miter at one end to match the miter on the cut strip.

7. Place the newly cut strip lengthwise through the center of the quilt, with the mitered end at the edge of the quilt. Bring this strip to the exact center of the quilt and cut it off 1/4″ beyond the center.

8. Using this cut strip as a guide, cut one more piece identical to it and two strips that are the exact mirror images of the first piece.

9. Sew the seams at the middle of the two mirror imaged strips and attach these borders to the quilt. Sewing the borders to a rectangular quilt in this manner assures that the corners will match. There will be a seam at the center of the strips on the two sides, but the design at the center will mirror image, making the seam nearly invisible. 10. Sew the top and bottom borders onto the quilt, matching the design as you stitch the corners.

Web-only bonus feature for Jinny Beyer’s “Horizon” quilt pattern published in the April 2000 issue of McCall’s Quilting.

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