Breast Cancer Healing Quilt

By Diane Harris, QM Associate Editor

A quilting friend of mine learned recently that she has breast cancer. She is well loved by the quilting community and so of course were making her a healing quilt. One person rallied the troops and sent out a simple pattern as a starting point. Another person will join the blocks together and someone else will quilt it.

bra1 Breast Cancer Healing Quilt
This is the pattern that came by email. When the Man of the House saw it on my desk, he wondered what it was, and so I explained. His response surprised me. He said, Does she really need to be reminded that she has breast cancer?

I chose not to dive into it at that moment, but it made me pensive. As Ive mulled it over, these were some of my conclusions.

Its not reminding her she has breast cancerbecause Im quite certain that its already on her mind, all the time.
It will be a reminder that dozens of female friends get it and are supporting and loving her though it all, whatever that ends up being.
Women feel differently about breast cancer than men do. I cant explain it exactly, but I feel strongly that this is true.
I think the quilt will make her smile, and I suspect that humor may boost healing. I hope so.

bra2 Breast Cancer Healing Quilt

This is the block I made for my friend who has breast cancer.

This is the block Ill mail off today. I was short on time so I kept it simple, but I think my message comes through. I hope and pray for all kinds of good things for my friend, who is a woman of faith, but is going to take a journey she didnt choose.

I wonder what you think. Have you had breast cancer? How would a quilt of bras from friends have made you feel? Do you think its a supportive (ha) idea? Im interested to hear your thoughts.

And because of all this, I had a mammogram this week. I hope youll get yours this year, too. Its important:

bra3 Breast Cancer Healing Quilt

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