Brother Quattro 6000D | September/October 2009

MSRP $8856 (prices vary by dealer)

Reviewer: June Dudley

Lights, camera, action! But I’m not making a movieI’m quilting! Brother’s Quattro 6000D comes with full-spectrum lighting, a camera near the needle and plenty of quilting, embroidery and sewing action.

No matter what lighting conditions surround it, this fully-illuminated machine makes it easy to see your project. With almost 50 square inches of workspace, it’s roomy for quilting, applique and embroidery.

The camera, positioned directly above the needle and combined with the high-definition display panel, allows for precise positioning of the needle when sewing or embroidering. The camera facilitates several highly innovative functions including “edge sewing,” during which the machine maintains an even distance between the fabric’s edge and the

needle. Another function makes use of the camera and an embroidery positioning sticker to place an embroidery design in an exact location and at an exact angle, no matter how the fabric is hooped.

Fast rendering of stitches and designs on the large screen means you’re sewing rather than waiting for the computer. Connect the mouse or use the touchscreen to easily edit stitches or embroidery designs right on the screen. Or import them from your embroidery software using a USB stick, your computer or other external drive. A myriad of decorative stitches can be resized, combined, mirrored and saved, and they’re divided into nine logical categories.

A variety of quilting feet meet all your quilting desires-a walking foot for straight lines and gentle curves, an open-toed darning foot for free-motion quilting and a clear, marked foot for easy echo quilting. Change the foot and press the button and you’re ready for any style of quilting.

Accessories all fit into a well-planned storage containera place for everything, and everything in its place. The embroidery unit and hoops fit into their own case. Four hoops are included, ranging in size from 1″x 2 12″ to

12″x 8″including an 8″x 8″ that’s perfect for a quilt block.

In no time your quilting and embroidery projects will take on a starring role, with the Quattro directing all the action.

By the Numbers

10 inches of space to the right of the needle, great for quilting

15 different feet, includes a walking foot and three quilting feet

148 utility stitches with endless customization possibilities

601 built-in embroidery designs


  • The camera for close-up viewing and exact positioning
  • Large touchscreen to display stitches beautifully
  • Easy and intuitive editing of stitches and embroidery designs
  • Sewing while the embroidery unit is attached

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