Quilting is personal and every quilt (and quilter) has a story to tell. We are here to share our quilt stories with you! Tune in for the quilting podcast you’ve been waiting for. The Quilting Company Podcast features in-depth discussions about behind-the-scenes topics, how we relate to them, and what quilting means to us and to you, the quilting community. In other words, the stories between the threads.

We focus on the quilting lifestyle, what impassions and inspires us to keep creating, and the conversations that take place between quilters in the hallway, at the water cooler, and in our offices. Whether quilting is a leisure activity, a daily staple, or the bedrock of a business, our craft is part of our identity.

We are looking to you—retirees, full-time workers, young parents, the tech-savvy and the tech-opposed, thrifty and spendy quilters—to join in and continue the conversation of what quilting means and why it is so important. Our goal is to bring quilters together with informative, inspirational, educational, and engaging stories that appeal to quilters of all skill levels and all quilting genres.

The Quilting Company Podcast hosts—Lori, Tracy, and Carrie—have distinct backgrounds, all of them pulling from different quilty generations. They are here to share their personal and professional experiences, and through a patchwork of conversations, they hope to pass the quilting legacy onto future generations. And, because they don’t know everything (which they are well aware of), special guests will be brought in so that we all can learn from their stories.

Join in the conversation to explore the questions that quilters ask. The Quilting Company Podcast is available wherever you are already downloading your podcasts. We’ll talk with you soon, and happy quilting!

Thank you to our sponsor, Husqvarna Viking.

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