Whether you’re an anxious beginner, a confident intermediate, or a total quilting pro, Quilty is the magazine for you. If you’re just learning your Quilting A-B-Cs, Quilty will be your go-to magazine for modern patterns, how-to tutorials, and lots of stitchy support and encouragement. If you have a little (or a lot) more experience under your belt, we have a feeling you’re still going to need Quilty next to your sewing machine….Say your bestie just went into labor and you haven’t started the baby quilt yet, or you have a fat quarter stack burning a hole in your proverbial pocket, or you just need some inspiration to get you over a sewing slump—Quilty has the perfect project for you to get crackin’ right now! Featuring modern quilts, traditional-with-a-twist patterns, and tried and true quilt making methods, there’s something for every taste, style, and skill level in these pages.

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