Celebrate 20 Years with Love of Quilting September/October 2019

We are celebrating the 20th anniversary of Love of Quilting magazine. The first issue of Love of Quilting was the July/August issue in 1999. I have a handful of issues from those first few years in my office and I keep looking at them and thinking about how things have changed and yet how things stay the same.

Quilters still like to make beautiful quilts. Quilters still like to give to others. But fabrics have definitely changed. And ever-inventive quilters have come up with new tools and updated techniques that make quilting both easier and more accurate.

While others on the staff are thinking of ways to celebrate, I’m thinking “Oh, I want to design and play.” Now you have to understand I’m at the point in the magazine cycle, where the patterns are all written, my letter from the editor is written and the cover has been selected and I’m at a semi-slow spot in my work cycle. It doesn’t last long but for a few days, I have a little extra time to plan and design at the office.

So here I am, paging through that first issue of Love of Quilting and I’m fascinated. There is a paper-pieced boat, a red, white and blue house quilt, a patriotic quilt with Flying Geese, a pieced airplane, template-pieced flowers, pieced flowers, pieced flamingos, an intricately pieced quilt featuring plaid fabrics, a patriotic quilt with stars and the 4th part of a Christmas sampler. Then, as now, there were lots of different techniques and sizes of quilts and something for just about everyone.

In the editor’s letter of that first issue, Liz and Marianne wrote, “What is it about quilts and quilting that warms our own and our fellow quilter’s hearts?

“We believe quilts have always carried a message with them. When you make a quilt for your daughter, son, spouse, or friend, your gift says, ‘I love you.’ When you give a quilt, you give the time you spent making it – and people tend to give their time to the people they care about most.” Well said, Liz and Marianne, well said!

One of the things we’ve done to celebrate our 20th anniversary is to post 20 tips for quilters from past issues. If you haven’t seen them, check it out.

Then take a look at the September/October 2019 issue of Love of Quilting. The quilt on the cover is so very beautiful!

We have included patterns for a handful of fall quilts and several quilts made with blocks from block swaps.

Elaine Theriault’s Harvest Sky features machine embroidery but if you choose, you can fussy cut block centers from a pretty fall fabric.

Love of Quilting

Harvest Sky

Pat Syta and Mimi Hollenbaugh started with a lovely panel when they made Heartland Harvest.

Love of Quilting

Heartland Harvest

Then there is Hello Pumpkin designed and made by Erin Russek. It blows me away. Her appliqué is just stunning.

Love of Quilting

Hello Pumpkin

Have you ever participated in a block swap? Oh, what fun! Check out Angela Huffman’s Candy Dreams.

Love of Quilting

Candy Dreams

And here is Marianne Fons’ Cozy, also a product of a block swap.

Love of Quilting


Sara Gallegos wrote a blog about block swaps a while back. She gives some guidelines for choosing participants for your block swap.

One of the block swap quilts in Sara’s blog is Liz Porter’s Friendship Rings.

Love of Quilting

Friendship Rings

You have plenty of time to make one of these quilts for fall. Start your own celebration of our 20th anniversary by choosing your favorite and making it.

Happy quilting,
Lori Baker, Acquisitions Editor

Celebrate our 20th Anniversary with us!

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