Center Block and Final Assembly

Freeform Block of the Month | Jenny Kae Parks | Runtime (34 min)

The very center of the center medallion is exactly the same as compass block #1. The four center corner units are exactly the same as the units in compass block #2. The center side units are similar to other previous units in the Freeform quilt, and Jenny shows how she sewed those units together. Once the center side units and center corner units are both created, it’s time to starting joining rows, and Jenny demonstrates joining one set of those units. She then shows assembling the on-point part of the center medallion. Next, the outer corner units of the center medallion require mitering. and Jenny demonstrates creating that entire unit. After the outer corner units are created, the entire center medallion comes together, and Jenny shows how to assemble the full quilt from the center part of the center medallion outward.


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