Cloudgazing: A Quick Scrap Quilt in Soft Colors

It’s a beautiful day to daydream and let your creativity soar with the shifting clouds. Cloudgazing, published in the December/January 2019 issue of McCall’s Quick Quilts, is a soft, dreamy scrap quilt. If you love scrap quilts and trying out different color and value options for a quilt block, this scrap quilt pattern is perfect for you!

Cozy and sweet, Cloudgazing is a soft-looking scrap quilt.

Kathryn Wagar Wright, the quilt’s designer, says, “I could look at the sky all day long. I especially like all of those blue hues and their descriptive names—baby blue, sky blue, eggshell blue, and cornflower blue.”

Cloudgazing features one simple quilt block. Varying the prints and values within the block gives the quilt its delightful, scrappy look.

Each block is made with matching sets of patches; that’s the only rule for this design. By playing with value, color, and print placement for each quilt block, Kathryn achieved a loose, dreamy effect. If you study the quilt photo, you’ll notice that she chose all sorts of blue and white prints–large florals, novelty prints, small-scale feedsack prints, multicolor prints, and more.

Kathryn used many different scrap fabrics in the quilt, but the light blue and white colors give it a surprising cohesiveness.

“I had a large piece of blue and white floral feedsack fabric in my collection that I decided to include somewhere in each of the blocks, “ says Kathryn. “I pulled light, medium, and dark blues from my fabric stash for contrast and made four or five blocks, then set the whole project aside for a year or two.” A few years passed before she picked the project up again. “I decided to finish this quilt for my mother’s birthday, and I only needed to make 11 more blocks for a throw quilt! I played with the idea of adding sashing and borders to the quilt but ended up not adding either,” says Kathryn. “I like the way that the colors flow without distinct edges. I wanted this quilt to be light and airy and a cozy comfort for my blue-eyed mom.”

Gather up your favorite blue and white scrap fabrics and put them anywhere you like in each of these easy, quick quilt blocks. Come along on a Cloudgazing tour–the sky really is the limit!

Color Play!
Get cozy with a dark, warm-toned version of this design, as shown in this quilt block made with the Penny Rug and Woolies Flannel collection by Bonnie Sullivan for Maywood Fabrics. Keeping patches as matching sets, you can also get a little creative with the center and corner patches by using busier prints or fussy-cut motifs, giving the pattern a different vibe.

Keep it cozy, but try darker hues and fussy-cutting for a totally different scrap quilt block.

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