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When I think of hearts, I immediately think of Beryl Taylor. And not just because she’s such a sweet, warm-hearted person! After the fleur-de-lis, the heart is the motif I most associate with Beryl’s mixed-media art. She punches them, paints them, stitches and beads them, and makes puffy heart embellishments out of silk, felt, batting, and cardstock.

With Valentine’s Day less than a month away, I asked Beryl to share an easy yet heartfelt project with you, using her “Layer by Layer” method, as she describes on her Cloth Paper Scissors Workshop. She came through with these adorable tags that are made by layering pieces of silk onto hanging garment tags.

Sweet Heart Tags
By Beryl Taylor

I like to keep the tags from new garments to paint them and use them in my work. You can use them as is or alter them by painting over the text and graphics, cutting them to a different shape, or layering fabric over them.  


  • Hang tags (re-used from garments or new, plain ones)
  • Paint or gesso
  • Silk (squares and strips)
  • Craft felt
  • Beads (and/or sequins)
  • Hand-stitching supplies
  • Glue or gel medium
  • Ribbon or novelty fibers
  • Sewing machine
  • Hole punch (optional)


1. Paint the tag with acrylics or gesso.

2. Cut a small square of felt to fit on the tag.

3. Cut a square of silk and lay it on the felt. Cut and lay silk strips on top of the square.  Machine stitch over the silk pieces to attach them to the felt.

4. Hand stitch beads around the edge of the square.

5. Cut a piece of felt into a heart shape.

6. Cut a piece of silk slightly larger than the felt heart. Lay the felt onto the heart and turn the edge under.

7. Hand stitch beads onto the heart.

8. Hand stitch heart to the silk square.

9. Glue the finished square onto tag.

10. Make a hole in the top of the tag and thread the ribbon through the hole for hanging or attaching to a gift.

These heart tags are a festive way of using up those little scraps we love to hoard. And here’s a tip I learned from Beryl while guesting on “Layer by Layer”: Make multiples of each part of a piece beforehand, then you will have them ready to layer at a later time.

For example, paint a bunch of tags one day, stitch the silk pieces and felt squares another, make the hearts another day, and so on. You could also just make up a slew of beaded silk hearts and use them as embellishments on wall hangings, quilts, cards, bookmarks, etc.

If you like Beryl’s techniques as much as we do, be sure check out Beryl’s other Workshop video, Mixed-Media Art Quilts.

We want to see how you use heart motifs in your art, too! Show us by uploading a picture to our gallery or by leaving a comment below.

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