How to Create Farmhouse Chic Style and the Homegrown Happiness Quilt

|Online Exclusive!| Farmhouse Chic is a decorating trend that combines comfortable, farmhouse living with sleek, modern design sensibilities. This style is all about warmth, comfort, family, fun, and laughter. I grew up in a house where the dining room and living room were only used on holidays and special occasions (luckily my mother did not have the urge to cover the furniture in those rooms with plastic!). Farmhouse Chic is nothing like this — every room in the house is meant to be used and well-lived in.

What is Farmhouse Chic?

To get you started, here is a list of things to keep in mind when decorating in this style.

1. Warmth and comfort are the priorities. Choose big, comfortable furniture that invites your family to settle in and hang out for a while.

2. The Farmhouse Chic paint palette is comprised of warm and cool shades of whites, ivories, and light to medium grays (in other words, neutrals).

3. Use lots of wood—especially reclaimed wood (affiliate link). Reclaimed wood can oftentimes be found in salvage yards and adds a beautiful, warm feeling to the interior. The “wear” on the reclaimed wood provides a feeling of authenticity that cannot be achieved with newer wood. Consider using wood beams, shiplap paneling (affiliate link), Butcher Block countertops, or incorporating a large, chunky, farmhouse-inspired dining table. For an extra bit of fun, try using an assortment of chairs at the dining table. Mixing and matching can be lots of fun and adds to the authenticity of the look.

4. Organic, natural materials – use lots of them to create a connection with nature. Wood, stone, wicker, iron, natural fabrics are just a few of the other materials that work well in the Farmhouse Chic style. Natural fabrics with texture are a must – decorate your home with linens, hemp, wools, cottons, burlap, and leather in an assortment of neutral colors. Since the Farmhouse Chic style consists of mostly neutral colors, texture is what is used to add interest to the space. To add a touch of color, consider using traditional checkered prints or low-key animal prints.

5. Don’t choose cutesy, “fussy” or delicate accessories. Accessories should be sparse, sophisticated, and not so valuable that you live in fear of the kids breaking them. Adding a pop of color to your space can easily be done with accessories.

farmhouse chic: Homegrown Happiness quilt designed by Angie Milligan

Homegrown Happiness quilt designed by Angie Milligan

Tips for Creating a Farmhouse Chic Look

Farmhouse Chic is all the rage these days but can take serious commitment if you want to achieve the full “Chip & Joanna” look. Without doing a huge home makeover, you can easily introduce bits and pieces of the Farmhouse Chic style into your living space. Here are a few tips to get you started.

1. An inexpensive way to get the Farmhouse vibe is by painting some fresh, neutral colors on your walls.

2. De-clutter, de-clutter, de-clutter. Only keep the accessories that really mean something to you. Donate the rest.

3. Change your kitchen and bed linens to neutral colors and all-natural materials.

4. There really could not be a more ideal accessory to Farmhouse Chic than a handmade quilt. Quilts were common in old farmhouses and are the perfect accessory to compliment the modern Farmhouse Chic movement—quilts are soft, warm, usually made from cotton fabrics, and they are handmade. Try hanging some quilts on your walls or laying a mini-quilt your coffee table or bookcase shelf. In order to adhere to the Farmhouse style, make quilts that use primarily neutral colors and incorporate only a splash of color – ideally only one color.

A perfect example of this type of quilt would be Homegrown Happiness. First of all, the subject matter of this quilt is very apropos – it’s a barn! The quilt is made with ivory, gray, and black neutral fabrics with a big pop of red. The design is simple and sleek, yet warm and homey feeling. Finishing at 49.5” x 43.5”, Homegrown Happiness hangs on a wall or could be tossed over a large dining table as a table topper, making it a fun and easy way to add a little Farmhouse Chic to your own abode.

Today’s Farmhouse Chic Style

Though Farmhouse Chic has its roots in the olden-days of America, today’s inception of the farmhouse look is decidedly different and it’s perfect for 21st century homes. Comfort, fun, and farmhouse are the primary goals of the style, but sleek, simple, and uncluttered modern sensibilities are prevalent as well. Give it a try, you may find that Farmhouse Chic décor bring a sense of peace and balance into your home that you didn’t know was missing.

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