Cutting Kaleidoscope Quilt Pieces Sew Easy Lesson

Bethany Reynolds developed her Stack-n-Whack method for cutting identical kaleidoscope quilt pieces. This quilting technique for cutting kaleidoscope quilt pieces makes it easy to put together the ever-popularkaleidoscope quilt in no time!

Getting Started

Bethany Reynolds developed her Stack-n-Whack method for cutting identical pieces to make kaleidoscope quilt blocks. This popular technique makes quick work of the cutting process.

Making the Stack

1. Cut kaleidoscope fabric in half lengthwise.

2. Straighten end of one half-width of fabric. Focusing on a specific motif in fabric, cut a strip that is the width of one pattern repeat (approximately 12 for the Geo Magic print used in Spin Cycle.) Using this piece as a guide, cut 7 more strips, each 1 pattern repeat wide (Photo A).

3. Press and then stack the 8 layers so that motifs are perfectly lined up. Pin the layers in several places to keep them from slipping when cutting.

4. Repeat steps #2 and #3 to make a second 8-layer stack from the remaining piece of fabric.

Sew Smart Push a flat head pin through each layer in exactly the same spot on the print to align layers as shown in Photo B.Marianne

Cutting Kite-shaped Pieces

1. From each stack, cut 2 (5 3/8-wide) strips. From strips, cut 12 (5 3/8) quilt squares.

2. Cut each stack of squares in half diagonally to make 24 half-square triangle stacks.

3. To cut each triangle, stack into a kite shape, place the 5 3/8 line of the ruler on bottom left corner of triangle stack; cut off the corner to make 8 A kite pieces (Photo C).

Photo A
Photo B

Photo C

Download free printable instructions for Kaleidoscope Quilt Pieces

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