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This was supposed to be the weekend when all the Christmas decorations got taken down and put away. But first I wanted to experiment with something I saw last week.

Delectable Mountains. I have looked at the block so many times and thought it was lovely but it just had too many pieces. So thinking of something to expand my horizons, I decided to revisit Delectable Mountains. I looked on the internet and the first thing I saw was paper pieced. I like paper piecing but I like it for blocks with many points to match. I wanted a faster method. The next set of instructions started with a BIG half-square triangle and went from there.  I was interested immediately so I had to play. I grabbed several header cards of Hoffman batiks and took them home with me.

Beautiful Batiks

The first step was to sort the batiks into lights and darks. I sorted 12 sets.

Delectable mountains 003 1024x768 Delectable Mountains

Stacked and ready to cut

I put the fabric I’d selected in stacks of 6 fabrics and lined up the 3 pinked edges. Since I used batiks there isn’t a right side or wrong side.

Delectable mountains 004 1024x768 Delectable Mountains

Squared and cut diagonally

The fabric on header cards is different lengths.  The width of the fabric was a bit over 9” so I cut the pieces 9 1/2” long and cut diagonally.

Delectable mountains 005 1024x768 Delectable Mountains

Ready to begin stitching

I stacked the triangles all in the same direction. It makes it easier to get a rhythm going when I’m stitching if the pieces are all in the same direction.

Delectable mountains 006 1024x768 Delectable Mountains

Nested and ready to cut

After sewing the triangles together and pressing all the seams to the darker fabric, I put together the two matching triangle sets and nested the seams so the dark triangles were on opposite corners on the two units I was nesting together.

Delectable mountains 007 1024x768 Delectable Mountains

Cut in 4 equal segments

I squared the units to 8½” and cut into 4 equal strips of 2 1/8”.

Delectable mountains 008 1024x768 Delectable Mountains

Ready to assemble the block

From there on out it was a simple matter of stacking the strips and sewing them together.  The only place with points to match is the two center pieces of the block so the blocks went together really fast.

Delectable mountains 009 1024x768 Delectable Mountains

Delectable Mountains top

I had the top assembled shortly after lunch on Saturday.

Delectable mountains 012 1024x768 Delectable Mountains

Delectable Mountains back

I don’t have much fabric at my real home so the back was going to have to be from those same batik bundles. I love batiks so I couldn’t stand the idea of just slapping them together. I remembered a diamond shaped ruler I purchased quite a while back and decided to play with it. I pieced fabric like I’d do for a crazy quilt and then cut it in the diamond shapes. My small rotary cutter mat worked really well for cutting the diamond shapes. I could turn it whichever direction worked best. The back was finished and it was still early in the evening!

Hmmm!! How to quilt it? I have a quote from the Georgia Quilt Show concerning quilting. Someone commented, “Elegant drawing room design with kitchen apron fabric.” Now those batiks are hardly kitchen apron fabric but this is not going to be my heirloom piece. It’s just the decoration for the bedroom wall in my apartment.  I could quilt it doing something easy, like echo quilting or in-the-ditch quilting, but I need to practice feathers. I know they don’t really go with the overall feel of the quilt. However, I need to be ready to quilt feathers when I do something outstanding. So feathers it is.

Delectable mountains 011 1024x768 Delectable Mountains

Quilting detail

I have them done in the two whole light colored sections. It’s hanging on the wall in my office and I’m trying to think what I’m going to do to the dark colored sections. I’d like the light colored sections to recede.

Hopefully I’ll be able to finish this week. I’ll post a photo for you to see when it’s finished. And it needs a name. Any thoughts?

But let’s go back to my beginning thought. Did I get the Christmas decorations put away? No, only the dish towels I found in the laundry made it to storage. Are your weekends like that sometimes?

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