Design Wall: The Best Quilts are the Ones I Want to Make


Erin Russek portrait photographName: Erin Russek
Title: Technical Editor
Years Quilting: 30+
Home Life: My husband and I live in the Denver metro area with our fluffy mutt of a dog. Our kids are grown and off on one adventure or another.
Favorite Technique: Hand Appliqué
Favorite colors: Bright, clear colors are always my favorites.
Signature style: I would have to say “Whimsical Gardens”…with the occasional bird.


The best quilts I make are the ones I want to be making.

This summer I have been working on finishing a large appliqué quilt with an appliqued border. It seems to be taking forever and it has been so hot here recently that I’m not too excited about sewing. I know I will be again soon so I never worry about that too much. The best quilts I make are the ones I want to be making. This picture is the quilt with the third border applique all basted on with glue. Since I wanted to get everything in the right place I sewed the borders on first and am appliquéing now. It’s a bit cumbersome and I might not do it this way again.

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