Design Wall: The Quilter’s Planner BOM, A Planner to Quilt By


Name: Genevieve Stafford Hook
Title: Senior Graphic Designer, The Quilting Company
I Live In: I live in Denver with my husband and our dog, Merritt.
My Quilting Life: Been quilting on and off for 20 years.

I am one of those people who has a lot of ideas.

I have so many ideas that I have many, many sketchbooks full of them and very few actual items completed and made. This year I decided that having a more structured plan would help me find a way to truly complete a project, and with that in mind I chose the Quilter’s Planner BOM to work on.

As prescribed by a BOM, I’ve made a block per month so far (plus the one for next month), and have found it fairly easy to keep up with that pace, even working ahead when I got excited or just had time. It’s really impressive to follow along on Instagram and see all the folks who have already finished, though.


Blocks from my Quilter’s Planner BOM

My Plan for the Quilt

I’d like to have this quilt as a cozy-up quilt in my sewing studio – I recently added a sitting chair so I could knit in there as well, and the chair needs a blanket. For the fabric, I chose some leftover Quilter’s Linen from Robert Kaufman as my background and a fat eighth of Jen Kingwell’s Beach Road fabrics for the colors. I haven’t reused any fabrics yet except for a very small amount of one, so far. I love how bright and coordinated they all are, it’s a perfect color scheme for the room.


A couple more quilt blocks from my Quilter’s Planner BOM

Overcoming Challenges & Making it Unique

Making the blocks from the Quilter’s Planner BOM has been a bit of a challenge. I get very used to how we write instructions here at The Quilting Company, and don’t often have the opportunity to make someone else’s design, so it’s been a learning experience for me to see how other designers and publishers do it.

I also always try to use a “quick” method, so I often end up with extra units that don’t fit in. Instead of using the provided quilt layouts, though, I’m hoping to put all the blocks and all my extra units together in more of a “Gypsy Wife”-inspired layout, which I feel is appropriate since I’m using Jen Kingwell fabric. I’m looking forward to having this finished sometime in the late fall and hoping to get Lori (Acquisitions Editor, The Quilting Company) to teach me how to quilt it on the longarm machine, to be ready for cold weather sitting!


Try Making your own Block of the Month!

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