Design Wall Tuesday: Design Walls, Dainty Dogs, Dominos and Disney


Welcome to Design Wall Tuesday! The Quilting Community editors and designers have been sewing lately; here’s some of what they’ve been working on. We hope you find some quilt-spiration here!

From Acquisitions Editor Lori Baker:

Moving into my new sewing studio is taking way too long. How can I sew when it is so disorganized? But this weekend, we made great headway. All the boxes are empty. I have my fabric organized, tools mostly sorted and put away, the pegboard is hung and the design wall is up. I arranged these blocks on the design wall in hopes that I can finish piecing my jelly roll quilt. (You can read about starting my jelly roll quilt here.)

Lori Baker's design wall

From Features Editor Mary Kate Karr-Petras:
Mary Kate Karr-Petras

I spent a snowy afternoon making the Dainty Dog from Sally Dixon’s book Pipsqueaks with my third-grader. As you can see in the photo, it is very, very dainty–I don’t think I’ve ever made anything so small! Although I did most of the work, my daughter did some blanket stitching along the top and back, and gave satin stitching the nose a try, too. She’s completely smitten with her new little toy. Now it’s on to making my kindergartner’s choice!

Mary Kate's Dainty Dog

From Associate Editor Anissa Arnold:
Anissa Arnold

Although I intended to sew all weekend, I ended up re-organizing and rearranging my sewing rooms. There was a domino effect – once I moved one thing, I saw everything else that could be moved, re-organized or cleaned out and gotten rid of. I did however, manage to sneak in a bit of actual sewing time and finally completed piecing my Trip Around the Rainbow mini. It finished at a whopping 16” x 19”! You can download the free pattern from our website here.

Trip Around the Rainbow mini free pattern

From Managing Editor Tricia Patterson:

I worked on a quilt design for a future issue of Creative Machine Embroidery last weekend, with fabric from the Disney Incredibles 2 collection by Springs Creative. I’m always looking for a quicker way to machine piece. The time to work on 4 border strips of 6” blocks loomed over me, seeming to be a laborious task. I started by making all the triangle-squares I’d need for the border. Following my layout diagram very closely and breaking the block into 3 rows, I pieced the patches and triangle-squares together sewing 4 rows of the blocks together at one time. I don’t know if the blocks actually took less time; I still had to stitch the same number of stitches. It sure did seem more efficient!

Tricia's Design Wall Tuesday Blocks

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