Design Wall Tuesday – Finishing Projects and Getting Organized


Happy New Year, and welcome back to Design Wall Tuesday where the staff of Quiltmaker and McCall’s Quilting share what we’ve been working on.

From Content Director Carolyn Beam:

In each issue of McCall’s Quilting, a staff member chooses a favorite pattern from a past issue and remakes the quilt using new, current fabric with her own interpretation. While the older pattern is shown in the magazine along with the new fabric collection, the quilt remake takes place in a series of blog posts. For the May/June ’18 issue, I am remaking a design from former staff member Sherri Driver called Twenty-One Star Salute that appeared in the McCall’s Quilting America Loves Scrap Quilts Winter 2013/2014 issue. The original quilt is sewn in reds, blues, and tans. I’m using Pepper & Flax by Corey Yoder for Moda Fabrics. It’s a lovely collection with green, yellow and gray. Here’s a sneak peek of what I’ve sewn so far.

design-wall-tuesday-20180109-carolyn-1 design-wall-tuesday-20180109-carolyn-2

For my stars, where I have both Fast Flying Geese and Square-in-a-Square, I have found the Fons & Porter ¼” seam marker to be my best friend. It’s a great tool for marking sewing lines.

All of my stars are sewn and I’m halfway through with the pieced setting triangles. My quilt is going to look very different from the original. Be sure to check the blog later to see what changes I’m making. You can also see quilts that other staff members have made on the blog as well.

From Features Editor Mary Kate Karr-Petras:
Mary Kate Karr-Petras

Over the past week I finished up quilting and binding the log cabin quilt I started while participating in National Sew a Jelly Roll Day a few months ago, making it my first finish of 2018 (never mind that I had intended it to be my final finish of 2017, but at least it’s done). Overall this was a very easy quilt to make, though I did notice while I was piecing the blocks that my “logs” were starting to come up a little short. It turns out my seam allowance was a little off; once I moved my needle over slightly, my patches fit perfectly again. However, it led to a little fullness in the middle of the blocks, particularly in the solid ivory. Because of this, I basted carefully and fairly densely, gently smoothing and stretching as I went, and the quilting went without a hitch—no puckers or pleats at all!

design-wall-tuesday-20180109-mary-kate-2 design-wall-tuesday-20180109-mary-kate-3

From Associate Editor Anissa Arnold:
Anissa Arnold

Upon returning to work after a long Christmas break, Carolyn and I were discussing how little quilting we each got done during our time off—not as much as we had hoped. However, after poking around my sewing room last night, I realized that although I did not accomplish much of what I intended to do, I still made some good headway on various projects during the few hours that I had to devote to quilting.

I am now only 3 months behind on my Down the Rabbit Hole 2017 BOM. I got the pieced green border attached and started planning for the next step which is an appliqued border of flowers and animals. One more pieced border after that and it’s
ready to quilt!

design-wall-tuesday-20180109-anissa-1 design-wall-tuesday-20180109-anissa-2

I’m ONLY about 13 months behind on my 2016 BOM, Happy Days. I got stuck on the last block – it is a highly detailed appliqued block and it has held up my progress for several months now. Over the holidays I realized that I don’t even really care for the block so I decided to replace it with a pieced block that I could bust out quickly and finally get my top pieced together. I made a cutting mistake on my new block so it’s still under construction but the border is now in sight on this quilt!

design-wall-tuesday-20180109-anissa-3 design-wall-tuesday-20180109-anissa-4

I’m making slow but steady progress on my jelly roll/9-patch mini-quilt. I only have two more stacks of 9-patches to sew and then I’m ready to start piecing the top – yay!

design-wall-tuesday-20180109-anissa-5 design-wall-tuesday-20180109-anissa-6

Before Christmas, I was writing a blog about holiday gift giving and intended to make some ornaments using Tula Pink’s Holiday Homies fabric. Well, as so often is the case, I did not get the ornaments made in time but I still really want to use the fabric. I came across Kate Spain’s Felicity pattern a couple of weeks ago and instantly thought of Holiday Homies. Can I work the Tula’s Homies into the ornament designs in Kate’s pattern? This is what I intend to find out in the very near future!

design-wall-tuesday-20180109-anissa-7 design-wall-tuesday-20180109-anissa-8

And last but not least, I did some organizing. Every time I find a new project that I want to do, I get a plastic box, tape a picture of the project on the front and then as I collect fabrics and notions for that project, I toss them in the box. This method gives me a great, quick overview of my project “load” and keeps all of the project “parts” organized and easy to find. It also makes it very obvious that I have a serious problem with aspiring to do to way too many projects! I did manage to acknowledge that two or three of my pending projects will, realistically, never happen so I empty those boxes and then put the fabrics back into general population. However, I added a bunch of new projects so I had to go buy more boxes. I did not reign in the insanity but at least the insanity is more organized now!

design-wall-tuesday-20180109-anissa-9 design-wall-tuesday-20180109-anissa-10

Organization seems to be on the minds of many as we start the new year. Here is a great storage box for individual projects or an easy container to use when going to a group sew along or retreat.

Thanks for stopping by. See you next week.


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