Design Wall Tuesday: Quilt Block Pillows

Welcome to Design Wall Tuesday!

From silk to hand-dyed fabrics and more, our editors have been busy. It’s always fun to try something new or different.

From Acquisitions Editor, Lori Baker:

Ding Batt 298x300 Design Wall Tuesday: Quilt Block Pillows***I love making quilts with silk dupioni. It’s such a luxurious fabric. It’s a bit hard to deal with, but it’s so worth it. I just finished this silk wall hanging. I embroidered, sewed it together and quilted it on a Baby Lock Destiny. What fun!

My finished project is beautiful. I wonder if I’ll have to redecorate a room in my house so it has a place that it “belongs”.

From Associate Editor, Mary Kate Karr-Petras:

Karr Petras Mary Kate 150x150 Design Wall Tuesday: Quilt Block Pillows

My free-motion quilting saga continues. Right now I’m focused on quilting around motifs that are printed on the fabric, as that’s my plan for the very center patch of the throw I want to finish next. The center block is a 24″ Ohio Star, and I want to just do some stitching around the large-scale floral motif there in the middle—it’s such a gorgeous print that I want to accentuate it rather than quilt something unrelated over it.

As I’ve written before, I’ve mostly solved the issue of thread tension, meaning I’m not getting the “eyelash” effect on the back of my test sandwiches these days. I do need to remember, though, to change the machine’s default tension settings in the electronic menu. The user manual doesn’t say anything about deselecting them for free-motion quilting, but they seem to make a difference.

IMG 3199 150x150 Design Wall Tuesday: Quilt Block Pillows IMG 3694 150x150 Design Wall Tuesday: Quilt Block Pillows

In the photo of the back of my current test sandwich, you can see where the thread broke twice after only a few inches each time (click above for a larger image). After I turned off the default settings, the thread didn’t break on me. I don’t know exactly why these default settings make a difference to the tension, but they do apparently.

I poked around online for some other little tweaks I can try to improve the quality of my stitches even more. I’ll let you know if they make any difference.

From Associate Editor, Tricia Patterson:

Patterson Tricia 150x150 Design Wall Tuesday: Quilt Block Pillows

My husband and I moved a month ago. Most of the boxes are unpacked and I’m so ready to get back to quilting. Of course, in a new house, I have all kinds of project ideas to decorate with quilts.

My first project is to make pillows for a window seat in our kitchen. I’ll need to make between 8 and 10 total, but I got a good start with the two I worked on this week-end. I’m going to make them all with a variety of colors using my own hand-dyed fabrics, complemented with a creamy nubby Osnaburg to give even more textural appeal. I created the improvisational wonky Log Cabin block by strip piecing some odd-sized strips.  The star pattern is a variation of my 12 inch quilt block design in Volume 15 of Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks. I just trimmed the edges to create a different effect (click below for a larger image).

unnamed 1 150x150 Design Wall Tuesday: Quilt Block Pillows unnamed 2 150x150 Design Wall Tuesday: Quilt Block Pillows

I hope you’re finding time to work on your quilts. Tune in next week to see what else the editors of McCall’s and Quiltmaker are working on.


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