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Welcome to Design Wall Tuesday!

Thanks for stopping by to see what the editors of McCall’s Quilting and Quiltmaker magazines have been up to.

From Content Director, Carolyn Beam:

Beam Carolyn 150x150 Design Wall Tuesday Snowflake Quilts

IMG 1105 300x225 Design Wall Tuesday Snowflake QuiltsHi! I’m working on a new blog series for Quiltmaker—be sure to check it out starting August 4th. The biweekly series will focus on charm squares and I’ll be including tips, techniques and free charm quilt patterns. I worked on a quilt for the first blog. It’s a cute little I Spy quilt and went together really fast.

From Acquisitions Editor, Lori Baker:

Lori Pink Scarf 150x150 Design Wall Tuesday Snowflake Quilts

makeup bags 300x179 Design Wall Tuesday Snowflake Quilts

make-up bags

These two makeup bags were step-outs for a class I taught a long time ago. I’m never sure why something like this winds up hanging around unfinished in my sewing room for so long. It will take about 10 minutes to finish each one. Then I won’t have to think about them any more.

From Associate Editor, Tricia Patterson:

Patterson Tricia 150x150 Design Wall Tuesday Snowflake Quilts

PattersonTuesdayBlog 2017 07 18 300x225 Design Wall Tuesday Snowflake QuiltsI can honestly say I had quilting on my mind all weekend. We’re in the process of remodeling a room to become the Fabric, Embellishments Room. I’m calling it that right now instead of Quilting Studio because I spent the WHOLE weekend negotiating plastic boxes: moving them, sorting fabrics and other materials into different boxes, discarding items to trash bags and placing items in donation boxes. I had boxes in the dining room where I’m currently storing them and the parlor and the kitchen. Fabric stacks everywhere. As I lovingly ohhh and ahhh over all the fabrics I’ve collected I generated new project ideas and boxes. At one point, my husband asked me—probably because he’s watched this crazy obsessive behavior a countless number of times— if I sorted differently now that I’m working for Quiltmaker and McCall’s. It’s a good question and caused me to pause for consideration. I think I was probably more intentional compared to the past to organize a single color way in one box for all the print fabrics, and separate boxes for solids and tone-on-tones and themed fabrics (e.g., reproduction, 1930’s). From my photo, it doesn’t look like I discarded many boxes, but I really did eliminate 10 large plastic boxes. And, now I’m all ready to move them straight into the new studio when it’s finished!

From Video Content Strategist, Caitlin Dickey:

CAITLIN 1214 500 150x150 Design Wall Tuesday Snowflake Quilts

Snowflake Quilt Block 2s Units In Progress 300x241 Design Wall Tuesday Snowflake Quilts

Block 2′s – units in progress

I made some progress on my snowflakes quilt. The unpressed units I shared a bit ago have now been pressed and joined into half blocks which I’m going to square up a little before sewing into full blocks. The second block of the two block quilt also has a whole bunch of units-in-progress. Since the seams don’t overlap on the two patches which needed joined after the last pressing, I’m sewing both patches on before taking them back to the iron. The pile in the upper right has the first of those two patches added. The pile in the lower left has both patches added already.

Snowflake Quilt Block 1s Half Blocks 300x169 Design Wall Tuesday Snowflake Quilts

Block 1′s – half blocks

See you next week when we share more of our weekend sewing! We’d love to see what you’re working on as well.


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