Designing a Custom Set Quilt in EQ7

Designing a Custom Set Quilt in EQ7

Jenny Novinsky for The Electric Quilt Company

Break out of the grid! In EQ7 you can create your own unique quilt designs using the Custom Set layout, which allows you to combine blocks of different shapes and sizes any way you like. After you create your new layout you can easily pop different blocks into the quilt.


1.     In EQ7, click QUILT > New Quilt > Custom Set.

2.     Click the Layout tab and choose the overall size of your quilt layout.

3.     Click the Layer 1 tab.

4.     Click the Set Block tool  and choose a block in the Blocks palette. (If you have not added any blocks to your Sketchbook yet, go to LIBRARIES > Block Library to add blocks to your project.)

5.     You can set a block in the layout two ways:
Hold down the SHIFT key on your keyboard, then click+hold+drag your mouse to draw a marquee box on the quilt for the block to pop into it.

Or, click and drag the block from the palette to the quilt.

6.     Click the Adjust tool  and click the block to select it. Use the Graph Pad above the worktable to refine the placement and size of the block.

7.     Continue setting blocks in the same manner.

8.     Make sure the entire quilt workspace is filled with blocks, so that everything fits together when you sew the blocks.

9.     If you want to replace any of the blocks that you’ve already set, just click the Set Block tool , select the new block in the palette, and click to replace the old block with the new one.

10.  Be sure to Add to Sketchbook  to save your design!

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