Designing a Quilt from a Kit


Are you like me, that when you get a quilt kit that lends itself well to some creative freedom, you jump at the chance to flex your design muscles? I recently came across a quilt kit that did just that.

The Spice Road Quilt Kit is gorgeous. The blocks on the quilt combine to create these complicated looking Moroccan tiles. Drool-worthy indeed. But when I got my kit, I was surprised by the open-ended instructions. But we will get there in a minute.

First, the cutting took a little thinking through. The pattern calls for 24 fat quarters to be used with cutting out pieces for one full block and one half block (the edges) from each piece of fabric. The fabric provided is actually eight ¼ yard pieces and eight ½ yard pieces. This means cutting all the pieces for one full and one half block from the ¼ yard pieces then doubling that on the ½ yard pieces. It’s the perfect amount of fabric and you will have extra (if you’re like me and screw up your curved seams).

Now, on to the design!

The center of the tile blocks are squares, so to design this quilt you actually lay out the squares in a checkerboard pattern to get the desired effect. This is where the fun begins! The quilt offers fabrics ranging from bright purple to deep maroon…the whole rainbow. So, that’s where I started.

Ideas for Quilt Designs:

  1. A Rainbow: This was my first idea for organizing the squares. I started with the purples and blues at the top and worked my way down to the reds. I didn’t perfectly match up the rainbow, but the final design has the feel of one!
  2. Ombre: Stemming off the rainbow idea, I liked the way that the cool tones and the warm tones of the fabric naturally separated themselves. I decided to make more of an ombre effect in a diagonal pattern. The warm tones slowly merge into the cool tones and then merge back into the warm tones. I believe ombre is a great way to design a quilt (especially if you don’t have the full rainbow of colors at your disposal).
  3. Random: Finally, there’s always the random option. For this one, I just randomly placed my pieces, then, stepped away and moved pieces around that felt out of place. This is a fun option to go with for quilt design and I had a blast placing the pieces.

The Winner

In the end, I decided to go with the rainbow effect for the final quilt design. Here you can see roughly what it will look like with all the pieces placed (my design wall wasn’t quite big enough for the quilt!).


I’m excited to see how it turns out in the end. I would love to see how you’ve flexed your design muscles on quilt kits too!


Find your next fat quarter quilt pattern or order a Spice Road Quilt Kit before they’re gone!

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