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Want to try DIY screen printing? Silk screening at home is an easy way to create unique fabrics and designs.

Sue Bleiweiss shows how to make unique designs
by hand with an easy screen printing method.

There are several ways to make a silk screen printing frame. All you need is a wooden frame, a piece of fabric from a sheer curtain, and duct tape. You can also purchase frames

For the design, many fiber artists like to use freezer paper cutouts to mask off the screen printing screens. But there are other ways to create the design.

In the February/March 2015 issue of Quilting Arts Magazine, Sue Bleiweiss offers a screen printing tutorial for making hand-drawn screens using two Jacquard® products: Screen Drawing Fluid and Screen Filler and Block Out.

How to make a silk screen with these products is a three-step process:

1. Use the drawing fluid to create a design on a blank screen printing frame and let it dry.

2. Apply the screen filler & block out over the design and let it dry.

3. Wash away the drawing fluid. This leaves the block out behind, and the screen is ready for printing.

Using this technique, there are several ways to apply the silk screen design:

1. Use a plastic craft syringe or Gutta applicator to draw or write on the screen.

2. Dab or draw thick lines on the screen with the drawing fluid using a foam or bristle brush.

3. Stamp the drawing fluid onto the screen with found objects like a cork, potato masher, or bubble wrap.

When you’re done printing, you can scrub the screen to remove the screen block and use the screen again with a different design.

This easy screen printing method has so many possibilities, and it’s perfect for home screen printing when you don’t have a large wet studio.

We’ve made it even easier for you by putting together a collection of the fabric screen-printing products, the How to Make a Silkscreen Collection. With it, you’ll be screen printing on fabric in no time.

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