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I have to admit I am not that good at binding my quilts. Usually by the time I get to this stage I have a bad case of “quilt fatigue” and I am so ready to be done with this particular quilt. Often I am rushing to finish a quilt because it’s a gift or there’s a deadline.

Lately I have been trying to be a bit better about this. The quilts I like to make for myself are primarily hand applique and take a really long time to complete. With all this time invested it seems a shame to not do the binding well. A few years back I saw Patrick Lose give a really good binding demo. Now he has a terrific online class where he really coaches you through the binding process. He has tons of wonderful techniques for making your bindings fool proof. Check it out here:

quilt binding basics with patrick lose 1024x575 Don’t Forget About the Binding!

After all that love and care you have put into your quilt make sure you finish it well!

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