Drawing Hexagons in EQ7 on Pieced PatchDraw Worktable May/June 13

Drawing Hexagons in EQ7 on Pieced PatchDraw Worktable

Drawing Hexagons in EQ7 on Pieced PatchDraw Worktable

A traditional way to draw a hexagon on paper would be to inscribe it in a circle using a compass and a ruler. We can draw a hexagon in much the same way using the Circle grid on the Pieced PatchDraw Worktable in Electric Quilt 7 (EQ7).

  1. On the Block Worktable, click BLOCK > New Block > PatchDraw Block. By default you will be on the Pieced tab of the worktable.

  2. If the Precision Bar is not on your screen, click VIEW > Precision Bar to put a check next to it.
  3. On the Precision Bar, input these settings:
    Block Width: 12
    Block Height: 12
    Grid: Circle
    Rings: 5Spokes: 12
    Graph Paper: Toggled off

    Your Drawing Board will look like this:

  4. Click and hold on the Polydraw tool on the left toolbar to make the flyout appear and choose the PolyLine tool.

  5. We will inscribe the hexagon in the largest full circle on the Drawing Board. Each of the six points of the hexagon will be at the intersection of the guides.

    Using the illustration below as a guide, click at the #1 point, move to the #2 intersection and click, move to the #3 intersection and click, and so on. Double-click on the same point where you started to finish the shape. The shape will change to a solid cream color, indicating it is closed.

  6. Click Add to Sketchbook and you have a basic hexagon ready to use! But lets see how easy it is to jazz up a basic hexagon shape…

  7. Click the Pick tool on the left toolbar and then click on the hexagon to select it. Right-click on hexagon and choose Convert to Guides from the context menu that appears.

    This hexagon guide will help us keep our new drawing within the shape.

  8. Click the PolyLine tool . Lets draw three shapes to make a more complex hexagon.
  9. Use the illustrations below as your guides to drawing the shapes.

    Shape 1:

    Shape 2:

    Shape 3:

  10. Click Ctrl+A on your keyboard to select all the shapes.

  11. Click the Clone tool to create another set of shapes. Then click the Rotate tool twice.

  12. Place your cursor over the crosshair in the middle of the selected shapes and click, hold, and drag the shapes in to place to the left of the original set of shapes. They will snap into place on the grid.

  13. Continue cloning and rotating twice until you have filled the hexagon.

  14. Click the Color tab at the bottom of your screen and color your new block.

  15. Click Add to Sketchbook .
  16. The click-and-snap circle grid makes drawing hexagon variations quick and easy! Use a Custom Set quilt layout to design a hexagon sampler quilt. Try drawing some of the hexagon blocks in the quilt below, or make your own!

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